Coca-Cola Drops ‘Sexist’ Fairlife Milk Ads

Coca-Cola Drops ‘Sexist’ Fairlife Milk Ads

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Turns out women covered in a creamy white substance doesn't go down too well on Twitter.


Fairlife, the Coca-Cola backed brand of milk, has dropped its advertising campaign following a barrage of social media accusations of sexism.

The ads feature scantily-clad women wearing tight, revealing dresses designed to look like a splash of milk, with slogans including, “Drink what she’s wearing”, “Better milk looks good on you” and “Milk with flair”.

Twitter users criticised the ads for depicting women in a demeaning way, with some questioning which part of the campaign was relevant to milk.

Marilyn Latham, a San Franciscan marketer, called Fairlife’s new ad “quite the fail” for its “sexism and objectification of women,” while Karyn Dougan, a Glasgow-based writer, said, “Waiting for the other half of the Fairlife milk adverts. You know, the ones with men in demeaning poses?

The Daily Dot pointed out “the obvious sexual connotations of beautiful women doused in a creamy white substance,” adding that the campaign is “puzzling in part because it’s unclear what they’re trying to convey“.

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