B&T’s Podcast With Dee Madigan: “Real People Talking In Ads Is Really F*cking Boring”

B&T’s Podcast With Dee Madigan: “Real People Talking In Ads Is Really F*cking Boring”

B&T’s Fast 30 podcast produced by Eardrum is back again with its eighth episode, this time featuring Campaign Edge founder & ECD, the trailblazing Dee Madigan.

During the discussion, which touched on everything from crocodiles to jingles, Madigan brought up one particular bugbear that had been troubling her in the world of advertising.

For Madigan, there’s simply not enough quality content being made on our shores, and the stuff that is made here is often, “f*cking boring”.

Specifically, the online content which often features testimonials and influencers.

For Madigan, “real people talking in ads is really f*cking boring”.

“Where the Australian advertising industry has let the ball down is in the amount of overseas content we allow to be here.

“There are ways to get around the rules too much that we’re getting overseas content and all you have to do is cut it up and all of a sudden is considered Australian,” she added.

Despite the myriad reasons this doesn’t work, for Madigan, the most frustrating part is quite simply, the content does not fit with our culture.

Brainstorming how to move forward from this, Madigan said: “We could regulate that and say, ‘more of our advertising has to be produced and created here’”.

“There’s a lot the industry could do to regulate Australian content.”

“Too many ad agencies are doing too much rubbish content on the internet, it’s just crap and it doesn’t really matter what it is, it still needs an idea,” Madigan added.

Homing in on social media marketing, Madigan said it’s time for a rethink.

“There’s this mindless content and it’s often testimonial stuff. People aren’t stupid, they know you wouldn’t have someone promoting your product unless you’ve paid them.

“No one believes it; you could swap out an insurance company with a bank or something else.”

“Real people talking in ads is really fucking boring; you don’t just need content, you need ideas and creativity,” she finished.

Check out the podcast below:

It’s the latest episode of B&T‘s Fast 30 podcast, produced by the talented team at Eardrum.

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