B&T’s Best (And Worst) Of The 2021 Super Bowl Ads


The Tampa Bay buccaneers beat the kansas city chiefs in this year’s super bowl – but the real winners were the brands Behind these ads.

While TV viewership statistics have not been officially released, it was predicted that the Super Bowl would be the most-watched television program of 2021. Last year’s Super Bowl saw a TV audience of 100 million, with an extra 3 million viewers on streaming services.

Similar viewership was predicted this year, and the pandemic means (hopefully) most viewers were watching at home. It’s been a controversial year for the Super Bowl, where the decision to have a live audience of 25, 000 has been criticized for creating a ‘superspreader’ event.

But the Super Bowl isn’t just for football fans – 11 per cent  of viewers say they only watch for the ads, and 53 per cent say the Super Bowl wouldn’t be the same without the ads.

So without further adieu, here are B&T’s top 10 Super Bowl ads for 2021.

Cadillac’s Edgar Scissorhands

To the delight of Gen Z women across the land, Timothee Chalamet and Winona Ryder are the leads in Cadillac’s 2021 campaign. Chalamet stars as ‘Edgar Scissorhands’, Edward Scissorhand’s son (though, perhaps thankfully, Johnny Depp doesn’t make an appearance). The ad is a promotion for Chrysler’s new all-electric LYRIQ car with – as you may have guessed – hands-free steering.

M&M’s Dan Levy

The chocolate brand’s ad this year features Schitt’s Creek star and writer Dan Levy in a cameo performance. M&M’s hit the right notes on this, spoofing ‘Karen’s’, ‘mansplaining’ and gender reveal parties in a way that’s genuinely funny rather than pandering. Plus, it’s hard to dislike anything that features Dan Levy.

Verizon’s Samuel L Jackson Being Eaten By A Shark

Perhaps something of a dark horse in the ad lineup, Verizon’s ad for their 5G depicts Samuel L Jackson in video game avatar giving a speech to a crowd of other video game avatars, before being eaten by a shark/dinosaur thing ridden by footballer Juju Smith-Schuster. This one gets bonus points for being computer-animated, and therefore, actually COVID safe!

Drake From State Farm

Jake from State Farm has been a mainstay of American memery for many years. This ad features quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers with the eponymous ‘Jake’ discussing potential stand-ins for the ad. Drake takes a starring role,  and keep your eye out for a delightful Paul Rudd cameo.


Will Ferrel Hates Norway 

Embracing his inner anti-Norway activist, Will Ferell enlists the help of fellow comedians Awkafina and Kenan Thompson to promote General Motors’ ad, which focuses on electric vehicles.

Doritos’ Flat Matthew McConaughey 

In one of the Super Bowl’s slightly more bizarre features, a two dimensional, sleep-paralysis-demon-esque Matthew McConaughey struggles through his day until he discovers a pack of 3D Doritos. While B&T are fans, the internet at large is slightly more divided.

Sexy Alexa 

Michael B. Jordan. Need we say more?

Bud Light

Brands this year had a choice – either focus on the pandemic or ignore it completely. Bud Light’s Seltzer Lemonade campaign addresses the struggles of 2020 with humor and stands out from other “wow, last year was bad” ads.

Huggies Cute Babies

What is the Super Bowl without at least one adorable baby slot? In Huggies’ latest, they win for cuteness factor and for humour. In the ad, the pictures of newborns were all babies that were born that morning, in a true masterpiece of logistics that saw Huggies collaborate with expecting parents. A definite 10/10.


Reddit’s 5 Second Ad

In a frankly brilliant move, social media site Reddit ‘hijacked’ the Super Bowl with a 5-second ad, which seemed to appear in the middle of a car ad. With reference to last week’s GameStop saga, the ad reads, ‘one thing we learned from our communities last week is that underdogs can accomplish just about anything when they come together’. Well played, Reddit.

And now, drumroll please…the worst ad of 2021 is without a doubt from the oat-milk company, Oatly!

Oatly’s bizarre 30-second ad shows their CEO playing the keyboard in a field of oats while singing “wow, no cow,” the brand’s motto. So bizarre it’s good, or the most annoying thing you’ll see all day? Either way, you’ll have the words “wow, no cow” on loop in your head for at least an hour.

The brand capitalized on the backlash with a run of five hundred limited release shirts, which have already sold out. Maybe Oatly won the Super Bowl after all?



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