Brands Should Just Do One Thing, And Just Do It Well

Brands Should Just Do One Thing, And Just Do It Well

Consumer attention is being stretched to breaking point when it comes to the amount of platforms, options and brands all squabbling to be front and centre. And this fistfight to the front means brands are often trying to do too much.

Consumers don’t want brands that do everything anymore, argued Amelia Moulis from strategy and planning agency The Lab.

“They want a brand that does one thing really damn well,” she told B&T. “And they will invest and invest in that brand because of that one thing it does really well.”

“It’s about being a pragmatic brand,” chimed in her colleague, Melissa Gillespie. “Doing one thing and doing it really well. You don’t have to do everything these days.

“There’s phones that just make phone calls now because sometimes people just want to make a phone call. It’s not necessarily about all the superfluous stuff, it’s about keeping it streamlined.”

The comments from Gillespie and Moulis come off the back of new research from The Lab investigating Australia’s culture and the world of the consumer.

Referencing many smartphones and the myriad of apps and functionalities included, Gillespie said it’s overwhelming for consumers.

“They don’t have the time to learn all that,” she said. The research demonstrated while consumers may have previously wanted to have it all, look good, have the gadgets etc, it made them “lose sight of being human and the fundamentals of life”.

Moulis explained one value the research team saw dropping dramatically within today’s culture is ‘status’.

“That’s not saying that premium brands don’t have a role anymore,” she quickly added. “In terms of tapping into comms people will connect with happiness, not giving a fuck about what other people think.”

It’s not the first report on Aussie culture coming from The Lab, but it’s the most robust the team has really delved into.

Other key findings from the report, that well worth brands taking notice of, include the rise of knowledge and creativity as crucial values for consumers, as well as the culture being smack bang in the ‘lust for life’ phase.

“The world is at our fingertips,” said Moulis, “everything is at our fingertips. We’ve reached a point where there’s such an overload of potential…we’re being stretched way too thin.”

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