Brand's revenue-per-visitor jumps by 300% on Twitter

Brand's revenue-per-visitor jumps by 300% on Twitter

Revenue per visitor (RPV) has skyrocketed on social media platforms year-on-year, with RPV up 300% on Twitter for brands.

RPV for both first-click and last-click attribution models have rising 150% on Pinterest and by 39% year-on-year on Facebook, according to Adobe Digital Index’s Social Intelligence Report.

According to the report the rising RPVs show social is becoming “a more essential component of the marketing mix”.

“To make the most of this growing market, consider pilot campaigns within new social channels or increase spend in current social channels.  Monitor spend and ROI closely so you can track performance and optimize for greater success,” the report said.

Facebook is still the leading social platform but Twitter and Pinterest are starting to close the gap.

Facebook’s share of visitors has dropped 20% from its 77% share in 2012.

The social network’s drop comes as younger player Twitter leapt a mammoth 258% year-on-year. Pinterest also increased, growing by 84% in one year.

If a brand is struggling to engage its social media community its social team should consider adding a photo to its posts.

Posts with photos have an engagement rate that is a whopping 600% greater than text-based posts.

The engagement with photo posts have increased 8% yoy but engagement with video posts is down 40%.

Overall a brand posts averages 945 likes, 88 shares and 58 comments.

A drop in cost-per-click (CPC) rates and  a rise in click-through rates (CTR) have increased Facebook’s attractiveness as a marketing tool. However retailers should expect to pay more during the approaching Christmas season, the report warned.

Facebook’s CPCs are down 40% yoy while CTRs have grown by 275%. The cost-per click rises by by 42% for retailers during holidays.

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