The Inspired Unemployed Now Have Their Own Fragrance & The Ad’s As Funny As You’d Expect

The Inspired Unemployed Now Have Their Own Fragrance & The Ad’s As Funny As You’d Expect
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Born Bred Creative, Together with The Inspired Unemployed, have announced the Launch of “Inspiré by No. Emploi” Fragrance Campaign in Collaboration with Chemist Warehouse.

Born Bred Creative, in partnership with Taxi Films and The Inspired Unemployed, have unveiled “Inspiré by No. Emploi’”, a fragrance collaboration between Australia’s most prominent social media influencers, The Inspired Unemployed, and pharmaceutical powerhouse, Chemist Warehouse. This project marks a significant milestone for The Inspired Unemployed, who recently transitioned from social media fame to primetime television with Paramount’s ‘Impractical Jokers’.

Born Bred Creative, the visionary agency behind this strategic alliance, played a pivotal role in shaping this unique collaboration. Together with Taxi Films, led by the creative genius Justin McMillan, the team conceptualised a large-scale TVC that brilliantly parodies traditional high-end luxury fragrance advertisements. This satirical expansion challenges the norms, offering audiences a refreshing perspective on fragrance marketing.

In addition to creative brilliance, Born Bred Creative, together with the Inspired Unemployed, designed the captivating bottle and branding for “Inspiré by No. Emploi”. The design reflects the essence of The Inspired Unemployed’s irreverent humour, creating a visually striking and memorable product.

The campaign goes further still however with a significant charitable component. Born Bred Creative ingeniously devised a charity alignment initiative which sees all proceeds from the fragrance sales directed towards helping Australians in need. Organisations focusing on individuals facing financial hardships such as those without funds for Christmas gifts, are encouraged to submit their stories. A portion of sales will then be distributed to those who could use a helping hand during challenging times.

“We are thrilled to be part of this innovative collaboration that seamlessly blends creativity, humour and social responsibility,” said Clare Winterbourn, founder of Born Bred Creative, Born Bred Talent and manager of The Inspired Unemployed.

“Inspiré by No. Emploi is more than just a fragrance; it’s a testament to the power of imagination, creativity and compassion” continues Winterbourn.

“Tonally, my intention was to create scenes in the film that appeared intentionally absurd, making it clear to the audience that it was a parody of a high-end fragrance commercial. Fortunately, the Inspired Unemployed brand of humour effortlessly transitions into the realm of a luxury perfume film. I truly admire that the boys are donating their profits from the perfume sales to charity, and it was a privilege to contribute my time and experience to help bring this campaign to life,” said Justin McMillan of Taxi Films.

The fragrance, ‘Inspiré by No. Emploi’ is set to captivate audiences nationwide, leaving a trail of laughter and generosity in its wake. The scent is available at Chemist Warehouse stores and online from November 9 2023.

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