Blokes Urged To Paint A Nail In ‘Polished Man’ Anti-Violence Campaign

Blokes Urged To Paint A Nail In ‘Polished Man’ Anti-Violence Campaign

Forget the moustaches, Aussie blokes are beign urged to paint a fingernail to show their support to a new anti-violence campaign against children.

One in five children will experience physical and/or sexual violence before the age of eighteen. Polished Man is an innovative fundraising campaign by YGAP, which encourages men to paint one fingernail during 1-15 October, to represent the 1 in 5 children who experience violence.


While many men don’t perpetrate violence, approximately 90 per cent of sexual violence committed against children is  by men. The majority of this violence happens behind closed doors and is committed by people known to the child.

YGAP’s CEO and co-founder Elliot Costello, says their vision is a world without violence and extreme poverty, “YGAP exists to find and support impact entrepreneurs around the world, who are improving the lives of those living in extreme poverty”, Mr. Costello said.


“We achieve this by running innovative fundraising campaigns and operating our own social enterprises. As of mid-2015, 185 YGAP impact entrepreneurs have significantly and measurably changed the lives of 91,956 people.

“The Polished Man campaign which launched in 2014, reached an audience of 58 million people creating awareness around the severity of the problem and inviting people to stop violence by taking part in the campaign.


“This year we are taking the campaign global to further extend this message, YGAP believes that men all over the world have a leading role to play in ensuring children feel safe and reach their full potential,” Mr. Costello said.

Some of Australia’s top sportsmen, actors, musicians, TV personalities and public figures will come together to show their support for Polished Man in October by proudly painting their nails and fundraising for the cause.

The official Ambassadors for 2015 include: Chris Judd, Andy Murphy, Aaron Finch, Adrian Leijer, Benson Saulo, Braith Anasta, Dan Churchill, Dan Sultan, Daniel Rich, David Astbury, Fabian Coulthard, Gyton Grantley, Hamish McLachlan, Jobe Watson, Josh Gibson, Lehmo, Luke Jones, Mark Philippoussis, Michael Klim, Michael Slater, Nathan Joliffe, Nick Kommer, Paul Wilson, Richard Branson, Ry Craike, Ryan Ginns, Sam McMilan, Steve Price, Tai Hara, Tim Watson, Tommy Little, Tony Richardson, Travis Burns, Waleed Aly, Ed Lower, Luke Stedman, Josh Perry, Travis Cloke.

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