Behold! All The Pics From Changing the Ratio!

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  • AB6R5283_20190530113524718_20190530104023
  • AB6R5292_20190530113524719_20190530104113
  • AB6R5307_20190530113524721_20190531124402
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  • AB6R5636_2019053065634398_20190531084709
  • AB6R5671_2019053065634401_20190531084950
  • AB6R5688_2019053065634402_20190531124640
  • AB6R5742_2019053065634405_20190531074444
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  • AB6R5764_2019053065634406_20190531084308
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  • AB6R5792_2019053065634408_20190531124653
  • AB6R5812_2019053065634409_20190531124758
  • AT0I3711_2019053010912792_20190531121751
  • B&T Changing The Ratio 2019 at  NSW Teachers Federation on May 30, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images for B&T)
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  • AT0I3286_20190530101426657_20190530103347
  • AT0I3318_20190530101426659_20190530113658
  • AT0I3328_20190530101426660_20190530113654
  • AT0I3345_20190530101426661_20190530102621
  • AT0I3346_20190530101426661_20190530103751
  • AT0I3386_20190530113547474_20190530010459
  • AT0I3438_20190530113547477_20190530010604
  • AT0I3452_20190530113547478_20190530010732
  • AT0I3466_20190530113547479_20190530122937
  • AT0I3479_20190530113547479_20190530104014
  • AT0I3484_20190530113547480_20190530104033
  • AT0I3493_20190530113547480_20190530103306
  • AT0I3501_20190530113547481_20190530103248
  • AT0I3506_20190530113547481_20190530104440
  • AT0I3520_20190530113547481_20190530104047
  • AT0I3535_20190530113547483_20190531124628
  • AT0I3540_20190530113547483_20190531124357
  • AT0I3563_20190530113547485_20190531124619
  • AT0I3564_20190530113547485_20190531124405
  • AT0I3591_20190530113547487_20190531125054
  • AT0I3613_20190530113547488_20190531124413
  • AT0I3622_20190530113547489_20190531124415
  • AT0I3637_20190530113547489_20190531124932
  • AT0I3966_2019053014117060_20190530015458
  • AT0I4122_2019053030400959_20190531093236
  • AT0I4454_2019053065544394_20190531084835
  • AT0I4563_2019053065544401_20190531085004
  • AT0I4541_2019053065544400_20190531122508
  • AT0I4327_2019053030400973_20190531093720
  • AT0I4340_2019053030400974_20190531121603
  • AB6R5662_2019053065634400_20190531100330
  • AT0I4589_2019053065544403_20190531074716
  • AT0I4630_2019053065544405_20190531074629
  • AT0I4665_2019053065544408_20190531074540
  • AT0I4679_2019053065544408_20190531085113
  • AT0I4712_2019053065544410_20190531084458
  • AT0I4796_2019053065544414_20190531084416
  • AB6R5353_2019053010841925_20190531121816
  • AB6R5374_2019053010841927_20190531121847
  • AB6R5384_2019053010841928_20190531121738
  • AB6R5469_2019053014052530_20190531121915
  • AB6R5505_2019053031347869_20190531121624
  • AB6R5515_2019053031347870_20190531122220
  • AB6R5516_2019053031347870_20190531122522
  • AB6R5520_2019053031347872_20190531093642
  • AB6R5525_2019053031347872_20190531093736
  • AB6R5531_2019053031347872_20190531122418
  • AB6R5544_2019053031347874_20190531121550
  • AB6R5548_2019053065634390_20190531122014
  • AB6R5551_2019053065634391_20190531121536
  • AB6R5553_2019053065634391_20190531093944
  • AB6R5570_2019053065634392_20190531121530
  • AB6R5576_2019053065634393_20190531094010
  • AB6R5607_2019053065634396_20190531101339
  • AB6R5583_2019053065634394_20190531101339
  • AB6R5614_2019053065634396_20190531100545
  • AB6R5616_2019053065634396_20190531121418
  • AB6R5620_2019053065634397_20190531100514
  • AB6R5624_2019053065634397_20190531121424
  • AB6R5626_2019053065634397_20190531100422
  • AB6R5639_2019053065634398_20190531100412
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  • AT0I3764_2019053010912796_20190531121746
  • AT0I3778_2019053010912796_20190531122800
  • AT0I3797_2019053010912798_20190531121850
  • AT0I3804_2019053010912798_20190531121742
  • AT0I3875_2019053010912804_20190531122755
  • AT0I3897_2019053010912805_20190531122239
  • AT0I3997_2019053014117062_20190531121659
  • AT0I4060_2019053030400954_20190531122245
  • AT0I4063_2019053030400954_20190531121919
  • AT0I4076_2019053030400955_20190531122233
  • AT0I4122_2019053030400959_20190531093236
  • AT0I4130_2019053030400959_20190531093240
  • AT0I4134_2019053030400959_20190531121651
  • AT0I4152_2019053030400962_20190531093315
  • AT0I4162_2019053030400962_20190531093344
  • AT0I4208_2019053030400966_20190531122410
  • AT0I4260_2019053030400969_20190531093547
  • B&T Changing The Ratio 2019 at  NSW Teachers Federation on May 30, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images for B&T)
  • AT0I4283_2019053030400971_20190531093610
  • AT0I4302_2019053030400972_20190531093636
  • AT0I4356_2019053030400975_20190531122200
  • AT0I4363_2019053030400975_20190531093828
  • AT0I4370_2019053030400976_20190531122012
  • AT0I4396_2019053065544390_20190531121545
  • AT0I4474_2019053065544395_20190531101458
  • AT0I4511_2019053065544397_20190531122147
  • AT0I4594_2019053065544403_20190531122042
  • AT0I4646_2019053065544407_20190531122445
  • AT0I4679_2019053065544408_20190531085113
  • AT0I4693_2019053065544409_20190531085145
  • AT0I4723_2019053065544411_20190531100036
  • AT0I4736_2019053065544411_20190531100104
  • AT0I4746_2019053065544412_20190531121405
  • AT0I4774_2019053065544413_20190531121402
  • AT0I4798_2019053065544414_20190531100033
  • AT0I3869_2019053010912803_20190531121708
  • AT0I4819_2019053065544415_20190531121337
  • AT0I4859_2019053065544419_20190531125041
  • AT0I4942_2019053065544425_20190531125212
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Yesterday, B&T hosted Changing the Ratio tackling a diverse range of topics around equality and inclusion in the marketing communications industry.

After attendees grabbed some coffee thanks to the life-saving folk at Australian Radio Network, MC Mary Haddock-Staniland opened the day with some Thursday morning giggles, before handing over to the first keynote speaker of the day, Dr David Slocum. David wasted no time in getting the whole crowd involved in a practical negotiation masterclass. And the event was off!

Attendees were captivated by panel discussions like #ShowUs and Is the advertising industry ageist? while a keynote from ANZ and TBWA showcased how ANZ’s philosophy of equality has underpinned the amazing work they’ve done with GAYTMs.

A debate on quotas saw two strong teams go head to head. Arguing the case for quotas was Women’s Agenda co-owner Tarla Lambert, IBM’s marketing chair Mari Kaupinnen and Southern Cross Austereo’s strategic recruitment partner Arthur Georgiou. The against team was comprised of Diversity Council Australia CEO Lisa Annese, Coffee Cocoa Gunpowder creative partner Ant Melder and AFL’s head of media Sarah Wyse.

Prior to the debate the audience were polled and 65 per cent were in favour of quotas but a plot-twist saw the ‘Against’ team walk away victorious having managed to persuade the majority that quotas are not the answer.

Attendees in the afternoon were treated to a poetry performance from Bankstown Poetry Slam co-founder Sara Mansour before WPP’s John “Steady” Steedman shared his own personal story and experience in coming out in the workplace. This prefaced our final panel discussion: Using Courage for Change – LGBTI Perspectives on Changing the Ratio.

The final keynote of the day was Amna Karra-Hassan, founder and president of the Auburn Giants Australian Football Club who blew the crowd away with her incredibly impressive story.

Catch all the photos above – and if you missed out, live vicariously through them.

A big final thanks to all our sponsors!




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