BBC Accidentally Cuts To News Anchor With Feet On Desk, Scrolling On His Phone

BBC Accidentally Cuts To News Anchor With Feet On Desk, Scrolling On His Phone

As most people are probably aware, UK prime minister Boris Johnson is proving about as popular with the electorate as current lettuce prices and it appears it’s a case of not if, but when he falls on his resignation sword.

Obviously the whole palaver has Brits and British media in a right lather.

However, one news anchor taking it all in his stride is BBC hack Tim Willcox who was busted overnight scrolling his phone and with his feet on the desk after returning from a live cross.

In the video, BBC News correspondent Ros Atkins was reporting live from Downing Street speaking about the number of Cabinet ministers who have visited No. 10. when suddenly the camera cut to the studio to show a very chilled Willcox seemingly oblivious to the goings on. Check it out below:

However, viewers seemed to enjoy the faux pas amid all the turmoil and tension.

One viewer tweeted: “Accidentally cutting away to Tim Willcox with his feet on the news desk checking his phone was a moment of light relief on the BBC News Channel.”

Another added: “We just watched this live on BBC news. Whooped so hard that Walter the dog went into full guarding mode! Get your feet off the furniture, mate.”





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