The Bachelor Feels Animal Activists’ Wrath After Piglet Catching Episode

The Bachelor Feels Animal Activists’ Wrath After Piglet Catching Episode

Ten’s The Bachelor has felt the wrath of animal rights activists after Wednesday’s episode which had contestants chase and catch piglets to win a date with Matty J.

The episode manage to catch the keen eye of both PETA and RSPCA NSW who both deemed it as an inappropriate and distressing way for women to find a date.

Despite claims by the producers, the RSPCA NSW said they did not get permission to host the stunt that saw contestants chasing the animals piglets around an enclosure, grabbing them and placing them in another pen. It has been reported that the RSPCA is now investigating the episode.

“RSPCA NSW did not approve the use of piglets in the filming of the Bachelor as claimed by Warner Bros,” the welfare organisation said in a statement.

In a statement published on News Corp media sites, PETA’s associate director of campaigns Ashley Fruno said: “The next time The Bachelor producers wish to include pigs in an episode, we suggest they visit an animal sanctuary get to know these gentle creatures on their own terms.

“Pinning down piglets to win a date is ridiculous, and hardly romantic. Pigs are intelligent, curious, sensitive animals who can recognise their own names, love being scratched and cuddled, and can even learn to play video games.

“They would be terrified, and not amused, by having yelling, boisterous, fully-grown adults chasing, grabbing and falling on top of them,” Fruno said.

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