Ava The Robot Dumps Tinder For LinkedIn

Ava The Robot Dumps Tinder For LinkedIn

Ava, the artificial intelligence (AI) who recently catfished Tinder users during South by Southwest, is not only looking for love but now you can hire her on LinkedIn.

A24 Films, the company behind sci-fi movie Ex Machina, are continuing its marketing campaign for the upcoming sci-fi thriller. Not only has Ava punked Tinder users, she has extended her off-screen antic through a partnership with A.I.-driven personal assistant startup x.ai.


The company offers users a personal assistant named Amy—who’s actually an AI, but can schedule meetings like she’s a real human. When you’re emailing with someone and you want to schedule a meeting with them, you just cc: amy@x.ai, and she takes it from there.

Now, Ex Machina character Ava is joining Amy as the company’s second AI personal assistant. Just copy ava@x.ai, and she’ll schedule the meetings for you. She’s even got her own LinkedIn page. Her gig with x.ai is temporary, her assistance will stop April 30.

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