Australia’s Man-Child Makes It To Doritos’ Crash The Super Bowl Finals

Australia’s Man-Child Makes It To Doritos’ Crash The Super Bowl Finals

The Doritos-obsessed man-child who chucks a tantrum when he’s denied the golden chip has made it to the finals of Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl competition.

The only Australian to make the finals, the ad created by director Armand De Saint-Salvy is up against nine others. Only two ads will air during the Super Bowl, one picked by Doritos and one voted by viewers. Despite the apparent rivalry, De Saint-Salvy said he is feeling good about the competition.

“There’s some really strong work there so it will be interesting to see what the public vote for,” he told B&T.

“We all met and hung out and it was an awesome vibe. It wasn’t competitive at all, we’re all the same. We’re all filmmakers who love making stuff and really excited to be a part of this.”

The clip features a man addicted to Doritos who would put a toddler to shame with his hissy fits after his wife won’t allow him the snack.

De Saint-Salvy believes every grown man is a little kid at heart.

“We get really excited about watching the game, we’ll throw tantrums if our team loses so I thought it would be funny if we took that and put it to the Doritos brand,” he said.

Hoping to win the hearts of the voters, De Saint-Salvy is releasing outtakes and tidbits of Man-Child to its Facebook page.

With a goal of directing high-end commercials, a win could see opportunities start to open up, explained De Saint-Salvy.

He added: “A hundred million people watch the Super Bowl so when they air it it’s a lot of eyeballs on our work which would be a great honour.”

Australia has found its place in the Crash the Super Bowl competition with Sydney creative Thomas Noakes’ ‘Finger Licking Good’ ad making it to the final five last year.

Check out the other finalists here, or if you have a spare half hour, watch all the semifinalists here.

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