Australia’s Greatest Ever Ad – The Finalists!

Australia’s Greatest Ever Ad – The Finalists!

It’s the final stretch! After hundreds of votes, an appearance on Channel 7 and the help of Jonathon Moran, entertainment editor and columnist at The Daily Telegraph, we’ve narrowed 100 ads down to 10.

Here are the views and opinions of Moran, plus links to all the vids. You’ll be able to vote at the bottom. We’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow morning!

Jonathon Moran, entertainment editor and columnist, The Daily Telegraph

1. AAMI, “Rhonda and Ketut”
Moran: I don’t think the Rhonda and Ketut ads have been on air for a good couple of years and still, when you hear either of those names, a person would think of AAMI. Now, that is an impactful ad that I think cut through because Australians related to the idea of going to Bali on holiday and the connection to the Indonesian culture.

2. Kraft, “Happy Little Vegemites”
Moran: Wherever we as Australians travel around the world, vegemite comes into the conversation somehow. Whether that be a secret stash we take with us or our German or British mate telling us they prefer Marmite, the brand has travelled the globe. This ad is hugely nostalgic for me and stands today against the highest tech on offer despite being comparatively simple.

3. Cottees, “My Dad Picks The Fruit”
Moran: This song goes around in my head to this day. It ticks the nostalgia boxes, makes me think of my childhood but also instantly brings me to the product. Again, it was a relatively simple, yet catchy, ad that has stood the test of time.

4. Yellow Pages, “Not Happy Jan”
Moran: This saying is still used in conversation today. If you are Australian or lived here when this ad was on TV, you instantly know what it means. The saying has become bigger than the product it was selling to be fair — does this make it a good ad or has it overshadowed the product? And of course, the world has changed, we don’t use phone books anymore.

5. TAC, “Dumb Ways To Die”
Moran: This public awareness campaign went on to become a cult favourite that took on a much bigger life than was probably first imagined when created. The upshot — the message of the piece is heard loud and clear, while delivered in an entertaining way.

6. Sanitarium, “Weet-Bix Kids”
Moran: As Aussies, we are all Weet-Bix kids, right? This ad brings me all the feels, so much so I couldn’t not include it. Also, it is ads like this and subsequent iterations that built the brand’s heritage, meaning all our kids continue to be Weet-Bix Kids.

7. PBL Cricket, “C’Mon Aussie, Come On”
Moran: I was one of those kids that avoided sport in school. Reading between the lines, I couldn’t have cared less about cricket then or now. That said, I am proud to be Australian and this ad represents that spirit to me.

8. McCain’s Corn, “Marge The Rains Are Here”
Moran: I just love the simplicity of this ad — it is smart, effective and impactful. And, I love corn. This makes me want to bite into a juicy corn cob slathered in butter.

9. VB, “Hard Earned Thirst”
Moran: Growing up in an Aussie summer, an ice cold beer was what our parents drank as we (if lucky) sunk down a tasty soft drink — I am thinking of the classic Solo ad that starred Joel Creasey’s dad. This VB spot conjures all the feels of being Australian in summer. The ad grew and was added to over the years and impacted many Australians over the decades.

10. Antz Pantz, “Holeproof Sic Em Rex”
Moran: For some, this is an ad of nightmares. Certainly, for me, I am conflicted on this one in that it is obviously outdated and I am not sure you’d be able to run it these days. That said, “Sic Em Rex” became part of the Aussie vernacular as a result. And, it is hugely memorable, for all the right or wrong reasons.

And now, it’s time to vote! But only pick one.

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100 Greatest Ads

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