Aussie True Crime Content Creator Slapped Ham Nabbed By Jellysmack

Aussie True Crime Content Creator Slapped Ham Nabbed By Jellysmack
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Global content creator company Jellysmack today announced it has signed one of Australia’s most popular true crime content creators, Slapped Ham.

Slapped Ham, a creator who prides himself on specialising in all things creepy and scary, is one of Australia’s most popular in the true crime genre with more than 2.75 million YouTube subscribers. He specialises in true crime and mystery with unexplained videos, scary photos, paranormal mysteries, monsters, cryptids, time travellers, and ghost photos.

Slapped Ham also has a large member community, offering them custom badges and emojis, and an online merchandise store.

Jellysmack will work with Slapped Ham to expand his audience reach and revenue opportunities from YouTube to Facebook, where viewers watching a true crime video are almost 14% more likely to watch past the one-minute mark, relative to other content categories. It is at the one-minute mark on Facebook that views are monetizable.

Meta’s Kirsty Wilson, strategic partnerships manager – entertainment said the signing was “A massive opportunity for creators, Facebook is a place where they can build passionate, and engaged fan communities, and earn revenue on their own content. True crime is a hugely popular vertical, and we can’t wait to see Slapped Ham’s content reach new global audiences with Jellysmack.”

True crime is one of Jellysmack’s most popular creator categories globally, and Slapped Ham joins the ranks of some of the world’s most popular creators in the genre also signed with Jellysmack including Kendall Rae (3.5 million YouTube followers), Bailey Sarian (6.31 million YouTube followers) and MrBallen (5.88 million YouTube followers).

According to Jellysmack’s research, true crime is a growing content category and armchair detectives are here to stay, with the genre having among the highest monetizable views percentages relative to other creator content categories.

Overall, true crime content viewers are 55% more likely to watch a video to the end relative to the all-content average. This is especially impressive considering that true crime videos are, on average, more than twice as the all-content average completion rate.

Though true crime content creators represent less than 5% of the overall views, they account for more than 11% of total view time for all content. In other words, true crime content views account for more than double the proportion of view time as they did views.

Of the creators reviewed, true crime content creators landed nine out of the top ten highest average view times for creators, with a minimum of one million views over the observed period. This is especially remarkable considering that true crime and mystery content creators represent just over 6% of all content creators.

Jellysmack Australia and New Zealand country manager, Ezechiel Ritchie, said that it was a no-brainer for YouTube creators like Slapped Ham to expand across Facebook to broaden their reach and opportunities for monetising.

“Analysis from Jellysmack consistently tells us that true crime as a genre is one of the most monetizable for creators, relative to other categories, so we are thrilled to sign one of the best Australian content creators in the genre,” he said.

“Slapped Ham’s creepy and scary content really resonates with his audience, and we see so many untapped opportunities across the Facebook platform as part of our strategy.”

Slapped Ham said he was excited to be working with Jellysmack to expand his audience.

“Cranking out creepy and scary content in my den has proven to be massively popular on YouTube. I love our audience and am super proud of what we create for them. So many people comment how we have gotten them through tough times, especially over the last couple of years so I’m excited to be signing with Jellysmack to expand our reach across Facebook,” he said.

The signing takes Jellysmack’s collective of Australian and New Zealand creators to 27, just seven months after the company launched in Australia.

The Jellysmack Creator Program leverages the company’s proprietary AI technology and first party data to help individual video creators grow their audiences across multiple social platforms. Once a creator joins, Jellysmack uses its suite of tech tools and team of experts to edit, optimise, and distribute videos onto Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube on behalf of the creator, thereby establishing new revenue streams. The Creator Program currently has more than 500 of the world’s most influential creators as partners,
including megastars PewDiePie, MrBeast, Bailey Sarian, and Nas Daily.

Slapped Ham joins other Australian content creators including Whippy, HowToBasic,
JoshDub, How Ridiculous, Jazza, Mully, Self Sufficient Me, Tannar, Vincenzo’s Plate, Cupcake
Savvy Kitchen, SAMMIT, Flying The Nest, EddieVR, Pask Makes, Andy’s Fishing Wild Cook,
Cavy Fishing, Shelee Art, Bin Living with Big B, BigstackD Castings, TigerTomato, Gilly Kube,
Eystreem, and Kiwi creators Indigo Traveller and Nela Zisser.

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