Aussie Beef Producer Stanbroke Launches ‘Steak School’ Via The Content Division

Aussie Beef Producer Stanbroke Launches ‘Steak School’ Via The Content Division

In what is a rare move for an Australian beef producer, Stanbroke has unveiled an interactive website designed to educate, entertain and engage meat-eaters.

Steak School includes articles, blogs and videos about the best cuts of meat for specific dishes, the best way to cook a perfect steak and loads of recipes.

The digital platform was developed for Stanbroke by digital agency The Content Division. Its director of strategy, Kurt Sanders, said the role of Steak School is gloriously straightforward.

“Steak School is an entertaining, educational conduit between the people Stanbroke talks to every day – chefs, butchers, beef experts, smoke BBQ masters – and consumers who either love beef, but are confused by it or just want to know more about cooking it,” he said.

Sanders said Steak School was driven by what beef-eaters wanted rather than what the industry wanted.

“The beef industry in Australia is very traditional,” he said. “What Stanbroke is doing with Steak School is innovative for such a traditional market. It provides a strong and trusted platform that engages and creates advocacy.

“It shows that Stanbroke has an eye on what the future consumer looks like.”

Steak School has engaged with some of Australia’s top chefs to share their learnings through easy to use recipes and tips on how to buy and prepare certain cuts.

The Content Division has also engaged with key influencers and well-known barbecue masters to road test lesser-known cuts and share their knowledge and tips.

Further content will include videos, short and concise articles, and events all with one goal: to educate and raise awareness about good quality beef.

“Stanbroke’s products are of insanely high quality, and we had to do something very special to ensure we maintain that quality while continuing their ethos of working directly with their consumers,” Sanders said.

“Instead of opting for long-winded pieces of writing that go into great detail, we have opted for engaging content that cuts straight to the point and answers questions that we all have.

“By creating an authoritative, but fun platform we believe Steak School will become the go-to destination when it comes to beef. Despite only just launching, we are already seeing such a strong organic presence and engagement level.”

Stanbroke marketing manager Jonathan Elsley said the philosophy behind Steak School is to share, inspire, connect, and educate.

“Steak School forms part of the overarching strategy developed by our managing director Brendan Menegazzo, who plans to establish Stanbroke as a leading innovator,” Elsley said.

“We didn’t want to speak at our customers – we wanted to speak with them; engage in a conversation about our mutual love of beef. We also wanted to provide a platform that added value through education rather than selling.

“Beef is such a premium source of protein and so many don’t want to ruin a good piece of steak by cooking it incorrectly. Unfortunately, this can create fear, leaving many meat-eaters to opt for safe or known cuts and tried and tested recipes.

“We want to move away from that and just talk about a delicious cut of beef. At the end of the day, the first step in cooking a good piece of steak is buying a good piece of steak.”

Elsley said Stanbroke didn’t have to look far for inspiration for its new marketing approach.

“We were very much inspired by the wine industry and their approach to connecting with their customers,” he said.

“Over the past 20 to 30 years the wine industry has taken an educational and awareness-driven approach to help people better understand their product and hopefully learn to enjoy it more.”

Elsey said while Australians had happily included beef as part of their weekly menu for generations, there is still plenty of scope to educate about how to get the best flavour out of your beef.

“The website was designed to be interactive,” he said. “Through Steak School, we hope to encourage beef-lovers to not just focus on the traditional cuts of meat, but also consider what are often referred to as ‘secondary cuts’.

“Terms like this are misleading and our sector has really done itself a disservice by using the term because, unlike the fashion industry, where the word seconds is associated with a product that carries a flaw, they are not flawed cuts of meat.

“In fact, it’s the complete opposite, as they often have such beautiful beefy flavours and attributes.”

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