Anytime Fitness Brands Customers With ‘Running Man’ Tattoo

Anytime Fitness Brands Customers With ‘Running Man’ Tattoo

Launched in Australia in 2008 by siblings, Justin McDonell and Jacinta McDonell-Jimenez, the pair have seen the ‘running man’ tattoo bloom.

With over 355 gyms across the country, Anytime Fitness has hundreds of staff, franchise owners and customers with the brands tattoo on their bodies after they introduced the tattoo program in Australia following the huge success in the US.

The phenomenon started there in 2004 when a company manager was the first to get the tattoo for a dare, but customers soon followed suit. The Australian company now provides a tattoo artist at each of its conferences, offering the free body art of the brand’s signature “running man” logo.

Jacinta McDonell-Jimenez, who herself has been inked in support of the brand, said that by getting a tattoo people are able to show how much the brand really means to them.

“We have members, personal trainers and staff getting the tattoo and nearly all of them will say it is because the brand has made such a dramatic change to their lives, or it means so much to them, so they want to be connected to the brand further,” she said.

It demonstrates a real emotional commitment to the brand, and shows how much the brand has impacted different aspects of people’s lives – Anytime Fitness isn’t just a product or an experience, the company works hard to make staff and members feel something better about themselves, and that they belong to a caring community and culture.

There are at least 200-300 people with the Anytime Fitness logo tattoo in Australia and with the brand set to expand to over 500 clubs around Australia in the next year prepare to see a running man tattoo near you!

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