Ansible Cracks The Code For Mobile Attribution

Ansible Cracks The Code For Mobile Attribution

Mobile media and technology company Ansible is introducing breakthrough mobile campaign measurement technology to the Australian market that has been proven to accurately attribute mobile acquisition and drive down acquisition costs for clients by more than 90 per cent.

It comes as research from Ansible shows people’s mobile purchasing in major categories such as music/movies, video content, clothing & apparel, entertainment and gaming has doubled since last year.

The new technology solves a lingering issue for mobile transaction measurement in Australia. Existing platforms lack the ability to accurately monitor and record campaign metrics on mobile devices, with this measurement factor known broadly as ‘attribution’ or ‘conversion’.

“Accurate mobile measurement and attribution has been an ongoing industry challenge and as such we’ve spent the past 12 months searching for a solution,” said Ansible CEO Scott Player.

“With the new technology successfully trialled, our ability to measure and fine-tune clients’ mobile marketing and accurately attribute campaign success on mobiles is a breakthrough in this market.”

Ansible has partnered with New York-based technology developer Medialets and its mobile ad-serving platform Servo to create the breakthrough. In Australia the new technology was tested with Initiative Perth and client RAC Insurance, who were both searching for better performance for mobile marketing budgets.

The advantage of the Servo technology is its ability to track mobile devices across all environments, mobile web and apps, as a single accurately-defined user, which has previously not been possible. Ansible can now see the full story of mobile performance by tracking both view-through and click-through activity across mobile media to show true ROI.

Player said, “We are currently in the process of implementing this new technology across other Ansible clients and we are looking forward to the impact in effectiveness of their mobile campaigns and the major cost efficiencies that come with using the Servo platform.”



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