Amber Harrison’s Staggering Misuse Of Seven’s Credit Cards Revealed

Amber Harrison’s Staggering Misuse Of Seven’s Credit Cards Revealed

Amber Harrison spent much of last week telling anyone who’d listen her failed case against Channel Seven was one of poor girl wronged by “a boy’s club” with very deep pockets.

However, what’s gone missing in the reporting is the fact that Harrison, during her employment at Pacific Magazines, misappropriated company credit cards allegedly to the tune of $200,000. It has been previously reported that Harrison admitted to at least $60,000 of the missing monies.

Seven have now audited the expenses and apparently leaked the information to News Corp media; which many may argue is one final attempt to discredit Tim Worner’s former mistress.

A report on News’ Herald Sun over the weekend outlines Harrison’s personal largesse while employed at Pacific Mag’s as the PA to CEO, Nick Chan. It has been reported previously that Harrison had access to Chan’s computer that allowed her to sign off her own expenses.

The allegations include:

• Harrison personally pocketed $700 staff had collected for a colleague’s 25th wedding anniversary and then charged the cost of the gift to Seven’s credit cards.

• Harrison allegedly told a colleague she could get a good deal on a coffee machine. The colleague paid Harrison $400 who, in turn, charged the cost of the machine to Seven.

• Two pairs of $580 ACNE Pistol boots were charged to Seven’s cards.

• Seven’s investigation revealed $872 in shoes from high-end designer e-tailer Net-a-Porter as well as a further $522 for “matte satin high heels” were “incorrectly” charged to Seven’s cards.

• A pair of Michael Kors palm print mid-rise skinny jeans which were charged for a fashion shoot.

• A $173 hair appointment was charged for Michelle Bridges to attend Seven’s Christmas party, an event Bridges never attended.

• Seven also allege Harrison charged an eight-night holiday to Hamilton Island for herself and then boyfriend to the cards.

• Harrison also charged personal trips to the Gold Coast and Bali to Seven.

• Harrison also charged $3600 for a client dinner in the office which turned out to be entertainment for Chan’s birthday party at his home.

Harrison has not responded to the allegations and remains under court-order banning her from speaking about her time at Seven or her affair with Worner.


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