Amber Harrison: “I’m Not Going To Pay It, I Can’t Pay It”

Amber Harrison: “I’m Not Going To Pay It, I Can’t Pay It”

Seven’s lawyers may have ended Amber Harrison’s legal battle with the broadcaster yesterday when the judge ordered the former PA to pay all costs; however, it appears a rather hollow victory with Harrison declaring she she has no means to pay the huge bill rumoured to be in the many hundreds of thousand, even millions.

Yesterday, Justice John Sackar agreed that Harrison had broken confidentiality agreements she had signed when she was terminated from Seven in 2014 following her affair with the CEO, Tim Worner.

Immediately following yesterday’s verdict Harrison said in a statement via her Twitter account: “In the end it is the regular people like you and I that end up being victims of brutal corporate bullying and law fare.

“They knew it would bankrupt me and the Supreme Court of NSW has helped them do it.

“I’m not going to pay it, I can’t pay it. So that’s how it is.”

Justice Sackar agreed with Seven that Harrison had breached the terms of her initial termination that included speaking publicly about her affair with Worner and revealing sensitive documents in her possession that she had taken during her time with the network.

Harrison has now agreed to a gag order that prevents her from ever speaking publicly about her liaisons with Worner and agreed to the return of Seven’s possessions that allegedly include mobile phones, a laptop and personal emails and letters.

In a statement sent to media immediately after yesterday’s verdict, Seven said it “welcomed the Supreme Court decision today.

“The Court found that Ms Harrison engaged in numerous breaches of the settlement deed and her employment contract and these breaches were persistent and flagrant.

Before adding: “Seven West Media looks forward to putting this matter behind us.”

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