Alliance Outdoor Extend Their Reach With New Addition

Alliance Outdoor Extend Their Reach With New Addition

Less than a month after launching, Alliance Outdoor Media Group are welcoming another member, Stream Outdoor, in a move set to bolster the independent group’s regional digital offering.  

Stream Outdoor has high-quality large-format roadside assets strategically positioned in Queensland’s fastest-growing regional town centres, stretching from the Gold Coast to Cairns.  

Managing director of Stream Outdoor, Colin Mitchell said the position of Stream assets was based on a clear audience reach strategy coupled with 40+ years of outdoor knowledge. 

Mitchell said: “our strategy to reach regional audiences with a network of high-quality digital billboards, has created unique opportunities and we are delighted to bring this offering into the alliance.”  

National Sales Director for Alliance Outdoor, Daniel McConochie, noted the important value this new member would provide to agencies.  

McConochie said: “Queensland’s regional cities are known for being a very sought-after audience and with a large proportion of the population living outside of Metro Brisbane, this forms an integral part of our reach capabilities. 

“Alliance Outdoor is committed to providing advertisers with the best audience reach, not only in unique metro urban & suburban areas, however within key regional locations. We are eager to show how this new addition to the alliance can tap into a significant portion of Queensland’s audience.”

Alliance Outdoor Media Group members said the addition of Stream was a key part of their growth strategy and hinted that more growth is on its way.  

Chris Tyquin, Joint Managing Director of goa Billboards, and one of Alliance Outdoor’s founding members, welcomed Stream to the independently owned media group.  

Tyquin said: “We welcome the opportunity to add another independent business, with expert local knowledge and a clear commitment to build the highest quality inventory.” 

Change is happening in market right now, and we look forward to welcoming even more new members into the alliance in the future.”

Alliance Outdoor Media Group now consists of four independent media providers, ensuring extensive audience reach across the entire Eastern Seaboard of Australia. 

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