Alexa Looks To Expand Her Knowledge Of Australia By Teaming Up With The Betoota Advocate

Alexa Looks To Expand Her Knowledge Of Australia By Teaming Up With The Betoota Advocate
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Alexa continues to learn and lap up Australian culture, with Amazon today announcing the addition of new ‘Strayan slang to her vocabulary.

From well-worn phrases like “Dog’s Eye” to emerging social-media slang like “Bachelor’s Handbag”, Alexa’s latest lessons are part of her ongoing Aussie education and make it even easier for her to understand her mates in Australia.

“If you’re new to Australia and are asked if you’d like a Dog’s Eye for lunch, or if you should foot falcon it to the rissole, our local slang can sometimes make you feel like you need a translator,” said Kate Gooden, head of product and Alexa experience at Amazon Australia.

“As we continue to teach Alexa how to put on a banger (a great tune, not a sausage) or to let you know if it’ll be bucketing down this arvo, we’ve been committed to not only adding the Aussie classics, but also some new terms emerging in Aussie conversations so it’s easy for Alexa to understand you. Just like a mate!”

Alexa, tell me something Aussie

Inspired by The Betoota Advocate’s Betoota-isms, today Alexa has launched a series of new modern classics to her vernacular, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of Aussie slang. Aussie classics like dog’s eye and rissole have been added as well as more contemporary phrases like the bachelor’s handbag and private school pluggers, meaning you can use these new phrases with Alexa to celebrate Aussie culture and the one-of-a-kind way Aussies communicate with each other.

“Australians are renowned for their habit of abbreviating and evolving words for conversation – terms like “arvo” and “servo” sent social media wild in recent years as the world discovered Aussie words and their translations,” said Dr. Amanda Laugesen, language expert and director of the Australian National Dictionary Centre.

“We also have a unique ability to turn everyday items into linguistic icons. From terms that reference our beloved hot chooks at Woollies (bachelor’s handbag), to classic summer footwear (private school pluggers), Alexa’s latest lingo additions really capture the fun of everyday Aussie banter.”

But Alexa….what’s a Bachelor’s Handbag?

As part of her continued “Aussie-fication”, Alexa’s discovery of The Betoota Advocate’s Betoota-isms has helped to unlock the best of modern Aussie slang, revealing the unique terms Aussies have invented in social conversation, to reference food, cultural events, and even celebrity icons.

The new phases are now live on Alexa-enabled devices like Echo smart speakers, Echo Show smart screens, and Fire TV devices. From today Aussies can test how much they understand Aussie slang by asking their Alexa device or the Alexa app the following questions:

“Alexa, what is a Bachelor’s Handbag”
“Alexa, what is a Rissole?”
“Alexa, what is a Dog’s Eye?”
“Alexa, what are Private School Pluggers?”
“Alexa, what is a Foot Falcon?”
“Alexa, what is a Tuesday Frisbee?”
“Alexa, who is the Baroness of Broadbeach?”

Errol Parker, editor-at-large for the Betoota Advocate said, “I’ve seen my fair share of wishy-washy wannabee slang come and go, but I can honestly say that these new additions are as bonza as the Baroness of Broadbeach herself.”

This fresh terminology further cements Alexa’s fair dinkum credentials, as Alexa continues to build her extensive understanding of local language and Aussie slang.

“Today’s new vocab updates are just a glimpse into the work we do every day to make Alexa feel more like a mate – from knowing who won the grand final, to having the perfect recipe for the weekend BBQ or a Hottest 100 playlist for an afternoon with friends,” said Kate Gooden, head of Alexa product and experience.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to continue Alexa’s cultural education to make the experience more natural, familiar and even a bit cheeky! This way Alexa feels more like a family member or friend”.

To get started, ensure your Alexa-enabled or Echo device is switched on and ready, or download the Alexa app and say, “Alexa, tell me something Aussie”.

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