A New Era Of Audio Arrives As LiSTNR Launches AdTech Hub

A New Era Of Audio Arrives As LiSTNR Launches AdTech Hub
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LiSTNR has unveiled an exclusive new advertising technology suite of innovations and services known as LiSTNR’S AdTech Hub.

Lead Image: Seb Rennie – SCA chief commercial officer

Digital audio is thriving; its consumption in 2024 is on track to equal that of broadcast radio in Australia*, and consumers are spending more time with audio than any other media channel. Now, more than ever, it is time to capitalise on this audio evolution.

The LiSTNR AdTech Hub will build deeper partnerships with agencies and brands by offering market-leading commercial opportunities in digital audio, which is accessible today. This new suite leverages LiSTNR’s owned and operated model with its engaged known user base of 1.8 million-plus listeners.

The introduction of LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub delivers brands unrivalled creative opportunities and privacy-focused use of data. LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub’s ‘big three bets’ include increased personalisation and targeting, extensive dynamic creative optimisation and an Australian-based CDP and first-party data clean room solutions and services. Together, these innovative technology capabilities and services deliver exciting and effective advertising outcomes and set LiSTNR apart as the most advanced, data and privacy-compliant digital audio platform for brands in 2024.

Digitization at LiSTNR is now complete, and with its digital audio audiences surging, its premium commercialisation now means the benefits of building an owned and operated digital audio platform are ready for advertisers to access bespoke and effective solutions. Facilitating this new technology suite and services is LiSTNR’s new and improved app, which was revealed in February. The new app upgrade is the biggest since LiSTNR launched in 2021, making it faster, more intuitive, and personalised to deliver a truly exceptional user experience. Listeners will feel immersed in a world of great audio content with all the entertainment they could possibly want at their fingertips.

“LiSTNR’s new and advanced LiSTNR AdTech Hub brings together the massive reach and audience of digital audio across LiSTNR’s owned and partner brands, without geographic boundaries. LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub will enable the measurement of every campaign’s ROI across an unrivalled audio ecosystem,” said SCA’s chief commercial officer, Seb Rennie.

“This will ensure our advertisers’ budgets go further and engage more people more effectively. It is a game-changer for the audio industry, business owners, marketers, and media agencies”.

“When it comes to advertising to digital audiences in 2024, times have never been more challenging for brands. As the industry adapts to the discontinuation of third-party cookies, advertisers must explore alternative privacy-preserving data solutions to anticipate the evolving digital landscape. LiSTNR’s new app, along with its new AdTech Hub and advanced technology capabilities and services, will offer a frictionless universe of advertising options that deliver ROI for brands and add value for advertisers and listeners,” said executive head of LiSTNR commercial, Olly Newton.

“At Hatched we understand that the ability to safely and effectively apply our clients’ data via clean room solutions will be pivotal to campaign successes in 2024 and beyond. We’re excited by LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub, as its perfectly aligned to our business strategy and our addressable product, HatchedID. We can’t wait to work alongside them to advance the Australian digital audio industry,” said Hatched head of digital, data & tech, Denise McCormack.

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