A Bear Grylls Run Digital Agency Would Probably Fly

A Bear Grylls Run Digital Agency Would Probably Fly
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Surviving a plane crash in the alaskan Wilderness, or even a Zombie apocalypse, is probably a leading indicator of your chances of Making it in the world of digital disruption. Survival instinct, it transpires, seems to be a key performance indicator.

People who score highly in standard survival  questions also score very highly in digital  competence questions is one of the key findings coming out of various surveys that Daze of Disruption has been running in the last few months.

“Its not that surprising”, says Jeremy Knibbs, who researched and devised some of the  digital survival quizzes for DAZE. “After all, when we looked at the key attributes you would need to survive in an incumbent company beset by digital disruption, the first thing one of the team noticed was that most of them lined up very closely with  those needed to survive a Zombie apocalypse.”

“What our results show us is that whether its Zombie’s or surviving a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness, those who score well in stock standard survival situations usually score very well for surviving through digital disruption.”

“This is the case even at the very technical end of the spectrum. A lot of people who know what Cassandra is and how and when to deploy it, know what to do when confronted by a Kodiak bear. Go figure”.


Knibbs says that they now have thousands of results for over 5 surveys they’ve run so the results are reasonably robust.

The most popular quiz so far has been ‘How young do you think’, which tests your ability to think young and relate to millennials. Knibbs says that they did a lot of research before ‘Australianising’ this quiz based on research from around the world on the attitudes of millenials.

“ Interestingly, we found that no one was scoring as a millennial according to  the major indicators that marketers talk about. We ended up having to reset the scoring bands and we introduced a new ‘super millennial’ category which we called a ‘twotennial’  – something Bernard Salt obviously has missed;  someone who is beyond millenials and ‘Y’s.”

The emerging relationship between good natural survival instincts and having a career that might thrive through digital disruption has led  the Daze of Disruption team to develop more stand type of survival quiz based on surviving a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. Knibbs says that the results from this would make the relationship conclusive .  You can do that quiz  ,  Rule # 39 Don’t’ Go Upstairs , HERE.

If you pass, apparently, you will be more likely to make it in the digital  turbulence of  today’s business world. If you score over 90% you get categorised as Gerry in ‘World War Z’, not only a great survivor, but a natural leader and good looking as well.

You can do all the other Daze  of Disruption Quizzes, including ‘Think Young’ by clicking on any of the below links.

Rule # 19 – Think Young   – tests your ability to think young and relate to millenials

Rule # 17 – New Tricks  – Tells you your Executive Digital Persona – EDP (you might be a mentor! Or you could be a learner?)

Rule # 04 – No Attachments  – Tests your ability to let go of your past and embrace a new digital future

Rule # 01 – Wake Up – Tests to what degree you or your company have a problem with digital disruption

Rule # 02 – Don’t Trust Anyone – Tests your company’s situation and who you can and can’t trust to survive

Daze of Disruption is a forum on digital disruption which is bringing together executives from incumbent companies and start-ups to help each other improve their digital transformation capabilities. It is on next month (May18-19) at the Belvior St Theatre in Sydney. Tickets Here



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