The Monkeys' Justin Drape and a Room Without a View

The Monkeys' Justin Drape and a Room Without a View

The chief creative officer at The Monkeys has teamed up with actors Jeremy Sims, Denise Roberts and Abe Forsythe to direct a performance piece set within the confines of a portaloo.

The sculpture, part of this year’s Sculpture By the Sea and called Room Without a View, is a three-act play that transforms a portaloo into an object of intrigue when Jeremy Sims finds himself locked inside.

While the door remains jammed, he phones his disgruntled ex-girlfriend, his Mum, and his second best friend in an attempt to escape his predicament.

Eavesdroppers outside the portaloo will be able to listen to Darren’s panicked calls for help, which reveal much about his values, relationships and ill-fated decisions.

“We wanted to create an unexpected experience for the audience," says co-creater Simone Drape.

“We hope it makes people think about what matters most to them, because what happens to Darren could happen to anybody if they don’t listen to friends and family," she added.

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