Smoke-free Shisha ad banned for 'glamourising smoking'

Smoke-free Shisha ad banned for 'glamourising smoking'

An advert for an exercise machine called the StreetStrider and a promotion for a Shisha pipe which claims to be tobacco and nicotine free are the latest to be banned by the Advertising Standards Bureau.

The StreetStrider gained complaints for 60-second infomercial style spot which showed adults and children using the machine, a hybrid of a stepper and a bike, on pavements and US footage showing people riding on the opposite side of the road from Australia.

One complainant wrote about the “safety issues” saying children will have the actions in the ad, including swerving across the road presented as good practice.

They added: “Are they licenced for the road, for pedestrians to run into or over by? Something is very wrong about this ad.”

The advertiser defended the claim saying all footage shows people wearing helmets and has children under adult supervision and said all Australian footage complies with Queensland Road Rules.

In its determination the board ruled the ad did have elements “contrary to prevailing standards on health and safety”, upholding the complaint.

The e-Shisha Pipes, publicised through website Sure Deal, drew ire on the grounds of “false claims the product isn’t harmful, but making smoking seem like a fun activity to share with friends”.

Despite the advertiser claiming the product is not available to children because of its 18+ sign-up policy, and denied it glamourised smoking

But the board disagreed, pointing to a section of the advert which said “set a new trend for non-smokers”, concluding: “The Board considered that this is, in the Board’s view, a depiction that glamourises smoking  and that glamourising smoking is contrary to prevailing community standards on health and  safety.”

The ad has since been removed.


An E-shisha ad

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