Punters take to Facebook to slam new SA branding

Punters take to Facebook to slam new SA branding

The newly launched logo for the state of South Australia has been met with a brutal reception on social media, with Facebook fans dedicating a new page to “the worst logo ever”.

The Facebook profile, titled “The New South Australia Logo Sucks”, sprung up only two days ago following the South Australian Economic Development Board’s unveiling of a new state brand.

The page already has in excess of 1,150 followers.

The cover image on the page features the beer-bellied Comic Book Guy character from The Simpsons standing beside the jagged red logo looking disgruntled.

“The Citizens of South Australia are appalled at the piece of crap logo the Labor Government has given to us," states the About section of the Facebook page.

The timeline also includes a mock-up image of a cigarette packet with the warning: “Victoria Causes Bad Design: Cato Partners”.

Much of the negative sentiment on the site derives from the design agency being Victorian, rather than South Australian. “Share this image if you want a logo for South Australia designed by a South Australian,” one of the official posts reads. “Submit your logos to our page and we’ll publish them.”

Fans have also questioned why the logo resembles Japanese folded paper art.  “Are we South Australian or Asian!? New S.A. logo or origami” one post asks.

As negative commentary mounts, online graphic design marketplace 99Designs has used the opportunity to launch a community contest to design a better logo.

It has already received close to 400 entries from its community of designers. Three of those designs are featured below.


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