Paul Walker tops Google’s list of top trending searches for 2013

Paul Walker tops Google’s list of top trending searches for 2013

The tragic death of Paul Walker seems to have completely captivated Aussies this year with his name being the top of the trending searches Google this year, according to Google’s annual Zeitgeist.

“Google’s year-end Zeitgeist is a cultural barometer that provides a snapshot of the year’s big events, memorable moments and growing trends in Australia,” Shane Treeves, Google spokesperson, said.

The top trending searches for 2013 were:

1. Paul Walker

2. Cory Monteith        

3. Royal Baby

4. iPhone 5s

5. North Korea

6. RFS

7. AEC

8. The Block

9. My Kitchen Rules

10. House Rules

Aussies were feeling particularly creative and arty this year with the top most searched “how to” being “how to draw”.

Other artistic “how to’s” included “how to crochet” and “how to knit”, while other Aussies were feeling more romantic in their attempts to find out “how to kiss”.

With the election this year as well, many Aussies also tried to find out “how to vote”, with this term winning a place in the top ten “how to’s” this year.

The most searched “what is” this year was probably a direct correlation to Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance, with many Aussies turning to Google to answer their question on “what is twerking”.

Miranda Kerr was the most Googled celebrity, beating out Michelle Bridges and Tom Waterhouse and Aussies also asked some tough questions this year including “who is God”, “did dragons exist” and “where is Timbuktu”.

In case anyone was wondering: [define: twerk] – (1) “To twitch or jerk.” (2) “Twerking is a type of dancing in which the dancer, usually a woman, shakes her hips in an up-and-down bouncing motion, causing the dancer's buttocks to shake, "wobble" and "jiggle".”

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