Fly Murcielago

Fly Murcielago

The One Centre’s latest campaign for super yacht Murcielago aims to appeal to those with a fair amount of money who are looking for personalised travel experiences.

Entitled ‘Fly Murcielago’ centres on the idea that the yacht is the ‘Learjet’ of the sea.

The tagline, ‘Fly Murcielago – Where luxury meets velocity’ comes to life through the campaign and identity created by The One Centre.

“The people who will charter Murcielago live at a different speed to others,” John Ford, CEO of The One Centre, said.

“They travel countries like they’re popping next door. They are the jet set, because that’s what they can afford. They are time poor and want to get the most out of any holiday. Murcielago with its speed and range allows them to experience more of the world’s most iconic and diverse waterways. We saw the opportunity to create a private airline brand for this luxurious superyacht and position it as the private jet aircraft of the sea.”

The campaign includes and online film series and website.

Credits: Client: The Adcock Group Strategy and Concept: The One Centre Strategist: John Ford

Project Director: Katie Molloy Project Manager: Danica Jenkins Executive Creative Director: John Ford Creative Director / Art Director: Chris Gillespie Creative Director / Copywriter: Geoff Reid Production Company: CAVORT Producer & Director: Ian Fowler Scriptwriter: Ian Fowler Cinematographer: Ian Fowler Original Music: CAVORT and Elias Constantopedos Animation: Nicolo Bianchino Website Design: Chris Gillespie

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