Aussie campaigns get more mobile clicks than US and Europe

Aussie campaigns get more mobile clicks than US and Europe

Revealing new data shows Australian ad campaigns get a higher percentage of clicks from mobile devices than their counterparts in the US or Europe, but have to pay more per click.

However, the research also shows there is still work to do in optimising campaigns, with a 34% increase in click-throughs and a 65% increase in impressions in the last quarter of 2012, compared to the US which saw a 38% rise in impressions and a 31% growth in clicks.

The Global Online Advertising report from ad management platform Marin Software is the company’s first to feature data from the Australian market.

It shows while US and European marketers favour tablets above phones in their mobile ad spends, Aussie marketers split their budgets evenly.

Nick Gill (pictured), managing director of Marin in Australia said: “Whilst we see more and more Australian advertisers recognise the value of search marketing it is abundantly clear that there is still room for improvement in the optimisation of their SEM ads.

“It would be great to see an improvement in the Australian industry CTR this quarter.”

The data shows the click-through rate on smartphones is about level with that of a desktop computer, whilst Aussies are being stung for a higher cost-per-click than elsewhere in the world.

Facebook, which this week launched a beefed up internal search offering, has a comparable click-through rate to traditional campaigns, with the study suggesting it could offer a “less expensive alternative” outside of the traditional search and display options.

Year-on-year Yahoo and Bing advertisers enjoyed a 25% jump in clicks, with a  22% increase in cost-per-click, and a 13% increase in click-through in the fourth quarter alone, across Australia, the US and the UK.

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