A woman's home is her identity: NLM

A woman's home is her identity: NLM

NewsLifeMedia has released the findings of its survey of 500 women which found that a woman's home was more entwined wiht her identity and that physical fitness was more important than attractiveness. Here's the release:

"On the eve of International Women’s Day, NewsLifeMedia released its latest survey results revealing that while women are working harder than ever they now define themselves mainly by what they do outside of work hours.

Based on NewsLifeMedia’s national research conducted each month, the February 2014 omnibus survey of nearly 500 women found that women believe their home is the most important for expression of social identity, even more so than parenting and cooking selected second and third most important with their job ranking as the least important.

While women’s participation in the workforce has increased by more than 30% over the past 30 years, most still define themselves largely via who they are and what they do outside of work with social media increasingly helping them share their identity with others as an expression of their creativity.

NewsLifeMedia’s CEO Nicole Sheffield (pictured) said: “Australian women have told us for the first time that their home is now the biggest identifier of themselves: this is reflected in the continued growth of home ownership and renovation. While Australians have always taken pride in their homes we’ve seen parenting rate higher previously. It varies a bit by life stage of course – parenting is still the number one form of expression for women with children – but it’s interesting that most women feel that their home tells others more about who they are than, say, what they wear.

“Although the home is a sanctuary and source of comfort for women it’s no longer about cocooning, we are seeing that it is about having a place to ground themselves and express creativity. It gives women a sense of control and peace from the chaos of everyday life.”

Women are finding comfort, stimulation and release by treating themselves to experiences over ‘things’ a national study, conducted by NewsLifeMedia in September 2013 among 1250 women has found. Experiences take them away from the day-to-day and allow them to be in the moment. Short trips away were the number one, followed by tickets to live performances, dinner at their favourite restaurant and spa treatments ranking highly as preferred treats.

The survey also found that physical health now out ranks physical attractiveness as something women aspire to. Women increasingly realise the connection between their health and wellbeing and all other aspects of their lives – the connection between mind, body and soul. With more focus on being healthy women feel better and look better. Health is the new badge of success.

body+soul editor Gemma Sutherland said: “Australian women are always seeking ways to improve their everyday lives, stress less, stay motivated and achieve their goals. They are conscious of health, diet and beauty and want to stay informed so they can help their family and friends. Being stressed about our appearance is nothing new for women so I’m heartened by the results of this survey showing that attention is shifting to living a healthy lifestyle rather than achieving the perfect-looking body.”

Ms Sheffield said: “Through NewsLifeMedia’s key verticals, her passion points of food, style, home, health and parenting, we will continue to develop content that matters most to Australian women. Being on top of consumer sentiment, buying habits and user trends means our relationship with Australian women and her engagement with our brands is constantly evolving as her needs do. We are currently conducting a very deep research project with Australian women and I look forward to sharing the results shortly. It’s these kinds of insights that ensure we can form true partnerships with brands who are looking to engage with her on a much deeper level.”

For International Women’s Day on Saturday March 8, let’s celebrate women, the things they deem important and what makes them happy – their home, parenting, food and creativity.

Source: NLM Monthly Omnibus February 2014 n=476 women 18+

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