Three Ways AI Powers Content Compliance For Forward-Thinking Brands

Three Ways AI Powers Content Compliance For Forward-Thinking Brands

Businesses spend eye-watering portions of their marketing budgets building brand equity, and yet a lack of consistency, unapproved content or activity which isn’t aligned to the company’s values can destroy this in just minutes.

So, how do you ensure brand compliance as both your content libraries and team members grow?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in MarTech has made huge strides in overcoming this challenge easily. When paired with leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, AI can significantly improve the efficiency and brand compliance of content marketing – especially when you are managing thousands or even millions of creative assets.

According to the CEO of IntelligenceBank, Tessa Court [feature image]: “Artificial intelligence can improve business processes everywhere – including Digital Asset Management and other marketing technologies. With AI, marketing teams can easily optimise their content management processes to ensure marketing content is compliant, and get work done faster and more efficiently.”

Here are three current applications of AI that are demonstrating clear benefits for forward-thinking businesses.

  1. Automatic Keyword Tagging

Image auto-tagging uses AI technology and machine learning to recognise objects and characteristics in your images and attribute searchable keywords that match.  This means, you can upload files to your DAM without the user having to manually enter detailed keywords which saves time. Also, the more relevant keywords you have, the better the user experience is so when people are searching for niche or complex terms such as ‘man at the beach with his dog’ the results are more likely to come up.

Court added: “Manual keyword tagging digital assets is a time-consuming yet necessary task, often relegated to the marketing assistant. However, these tags are essential metadata for classifying, searching, filtering and sorting through your digital assets, from logos and illustrations to photos and videos, providing quick and easy access to just what you’re looking for in the moment.”

  1. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition uses AI to train your DAM to recognise faces and tag matching assets with a name or keyword.  Essentially it allows you to instantly find images of a particular person that is already stored within the DAM. For newly uploaded assets, it provides a tagging suggestion so that a person’s name can be used as a searchable keyword.

Ideal for brands who use ambassadors, key staff or customers to represent their brand, facial recognition makes it easy to find repeated images types or talent that has been used across multiple campaigns.

Court said: “Many of our clients have personalities, students, patients or well-known faces representing their brands. With facial recognition, they save time by making it easy to find talent used across campaigns and remove files featuring expired usage rights.”

Facial recognition with auto-tagging involves four distinct steps.

By incorporating facial recognition into our DAM software, we have broadened the scope of what is possible during the auto-tagging process for digital assets and are providing our customers with the unique ability to detect, match and tag millions of faces within their collection instantly, further expediting the tagging process and offering wider search, sorting and filtering options,” said Court.

  1. Distribution Automation

The use of Artificial Intelligence for auto-tagging content can also go a step further, using the tags to distribute batches of content across multiple and integrated distribution channels. This expedites the distribution process, automating a task that has, until now, been manual.

Ideal brand compliance partners: AI and DAM

From keyword tagging to facial recognition capabilities, AI and DAM have found an obvious and productive allegiance, alleviating the metadata mayhem and human error associated with brand compliance.

“AI now allows us to compare document versions, detect words or logos in creative that require approval, and find content featuring a specific person that needs to be removed from the collection of automated content compliance processes,” explained Court.

The growing accessibility of Artificial Intelligence and its incorporation into DAM solutions presents new opportunities for improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity. 

These developments, available through the power of AI, allow for the brand compliance, along with the streamlining of internal processes, the reallocation of human resources to other areas, and increased efficiency in DAM solutions for the business.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence into Digital Asset Management is providing an applicable solution to brand and content compliance, changing the role and use of DAM within businesses and the MarTech landscape – and IntelligenceBank is leading the way.

Do you want to experience these benefits for yourself?

As a Marketing professional, managing and coordinating all of your campaigns is a big task.

The IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management platform helps you advance the creative marketing processes to improve efficiency and achieve results – allowing you to focus on overall marketing strategy.

To learn more about IntelligenceBank’s Digital Asset Management and how it can help empower you as a marketer, contact us.

Our team values your opinion and the process of working with you to achieve success. Speak to us today for a custom demo or free trial of our leading Digital Asset Management Software with a six-star support rating.


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