It’s 2016’s 10 Most Complained About Ads (Well, It’s The UK’s Version Anyway)

It’s 2016’s 10 Most Complained About Ads (Well, It’s The UK’s Version Anyway)

If there’s one absolute guarantee about making an expensive TVC, someone out there in viewer land is going to complain about it.

In December, B&T unveiled the ads that Aussies moaned about the most in 2016 and today we’ve got the top 10 ads that got up UK viewers’ noses. The list was compiled by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority publishes and every ad on the list were deemed “offensive” by complainants.

Here are the top 10:

10. Maltesers. Received 151 complaints that the ad was offensive to disabled people and overly sexual. The complaints were dismissed.

9. Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Received 195 complaints and was deemed offensive to vegans and vegetarians. The complaints were dismissed.


8. Head Office. Received 216 complaint and was deemed sexist to women. The complaints were dismissed.

7. Paddy Power. Received 220 complaints and was deemed racially offensive and was anti-English. The complaints were dismissed.

6. Smart Energy GB. Received 253 complaints regarding the use of excessive violence. The complaints were dismissed.

5. Paddy Power (again). Received 450 complaints regarding animal cruelty and was offensive to blind people. The complaints were dismissed.

4. Received 530 complaints that the ad was overly sexual in nature and featured homosexual men. The complaints were dismissed.

3. Received 896 complaints relating to its lesbian and overly sexual nature. It was banned from being shown in children’s programming.

2. (again). Received 898 complaints due to its sexual nature, while others complained it was homophobic. The complaints were dismissed. (third time). The ad was deemed not suitable for children due to the sexual nature of the dance routines. The complaints were dismissed.

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