Nonprofit ‘1,000 Days’ Fights Malnutrition With Humour

Nonprofit ‘1,000 Days’ Fights Malnutrition With Humour

Nonprofit organisation ‘1,000 Days’, a group that works to fight malnutrition in children around the word, has released a super cute campaign where a baby monologues about other babies out there that aren’t getting the nutrition they need.

Created by San Francisco agency BarrettSF, the video will run on Facebook as part of a larger campaign that includes both digital and social elements.

1,000 Days was launched back in 2010 in response to ground-breaking scientific evidence that found nutrition within the first 1,000 day has long-term impact on the future health and development of a newborn baby. With the backing of the U.S. Government, the Government of Ireland, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and several nonprofit organizations, 1,000 Days began.

The campaign kicked off earlier this month with a set of memes called ‘Grumpy Babies’ that pair a baby’s disgruntled face with a cheeky caption that’s meant to spur viewers to sign the 1,000 Days petition on its website.

Grumpy baby memes:

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The petition

Babies around the world are demanding that world leaders take action against malnutrition, and they’re asking you to join them.

All kids deserve a fair start. And that begins with good nutrition in the first 1,000 days. Access to basic nutrition in the first 1,000 days-beginning in pregnancy through to a child’s 2nd birthday- provides the building blocks for able bodies and strong minds.

Unfortunately, one in four kids throughout the world start out life at a big disadvantage due to malnutrition. But we can change this! Join the movement calling on world leaders to invest in nutrition.

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