10 Confirms Abbie Chatfield Hasn’t Been Blacklisted

10 Confirms Abbie Chatfield Hasn’t Been Blacklisted

The 10 Network has denied rumours that reality star Abbie Chatfield has been blacklisted from the network.

Chatfield of course appeared on The Bachelor and won I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Basically, she’s a lady that knows her way around a channel 10 show.

The rumours started, when gossip website So Dramatic, published an article titled, “Network Ten Blacklist Abbie Chatfield As Reality Stars Rally Behind Brooke Blurton.”

Naturally, the article referenced a network ‘insider’ that claimed Chatfield was blacklisted because she went public with one of the contestants from the latest season of The Bachelorette before the season had fully aired.

Basically, Chatfield’s relationship debut with Konrad Bien-Stephens did spoil a few episodes because everyone knew he wouldn’t be ending up with this season’s bachelorette.

He was also getting a very flattering edit, so it did seem like he could be the winner –  well until those pictures came out of him and Chatfield.

There’s also no denying that their relationship debut did ruffle a few feathers.

Former bachelorette, Angie Kent wrote in her weekly recap of the Bachelorette for Yahoo: “Let’s talk about the TALL, over the top order that I am sure Brooke did in fact not order right before her finale episodes.

“The relationship hard launch that maybe could have waited so that the attention wasn’t taken away from the first-ever woman of colour and pansexual Bachelorette. Cue our girl Abbie and her mate Konrad with a K.”

However, fear not, Network 10 isn’t actually blacklisting Chatfield over it.

A Network 10 spokesperson told B&T: “This claim is absolutely false and completely fabricated. Abbie is a friend of 10, and will always be a friend of 10.

“Those saying otherwise are just being mischievous.”

Perhaps Chatfield will be co-hosting The Project next!

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