Yubo Dives Into The NFT Market With The Launch Of Its First Collection Called Randos

Yubo Dives Into The NFT Market With The Launch Of Its First Collection Called Randos

Yubo, the social live-streaming app for Gen Z, is redefining what it means to socialise online as a part of
a first-of-its-kind evolution towards Web 3.0.

Following the success of Pixels, Yubo’s in-app digital collectibles launched in July 2021, the platform will release its first NFT collection called the “Randos” in late April, as a part of a larger “socialise and earn” concept created to share value and give more ownership to Yubo’s users.

With over 60 million users who love streaming live, Yubo will become the only social platform that can
deliver real ownership to its Gen Z users. Yubo will debut its first NFT collection, the “Randos,” which
will consist of 10,000 pieces of generative art and will unlock this new type of ownership for those who
purchase them.

Rando NFT owners will earn revenue from doing what they already do on Yubo, such as hosting live
events, sending Pixels, and other ways that will allow them to own a stake in Yubo and generate
personal revenue.

The app’s inaugural NFT launch is born out of direct insights from its users after its success with Pixels
last summer. With about 5 million Pixels exchanged by the Yubo community since the launch just 9
months ago, the social app sees its NFT debut not only as a natural next step based on its users’
interests, but as the platform’s first step towards the metaverse.

Rando NFT holders will unlock new opportunities on Yubo and beyond the app via the following ways –

1. Earn Revenue: Yubo will share revenue with Rando NFT owners. This revenue will come from
ticketed live events with exclusive guests, Pixel collections and other sources. Rando owners
will have more ownership of Yubo.

2. Token Economy: Yubo will introduce a cryptocurrency which will be available mid-2023. Rando
holders will be gifted coins of this currency via airdrop as a reward for being early contributors
to the platform.

3. 3D Metaverse: Yubo will be creating a 3D environment with avatars in the app. Each Rando
holder will receive a 3D avatar version of their NFT.

Since it was announced on March 13 to Yubo users, the excitement was immediate – over 20,000
people have joined the Yubo NFT Discord in only two weeks in anticipation of the collection’s launch.
The Randos NFT collection will be released and available for purchase on Yubo’s minting site. Each
Rando will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and will cost 0.1 ETH at sale.

Yubo is also using this launch as a unique opportunity to educate young people and its base of millions
of Gen Z users on NFTs, cryptocurrency and Web 3.0. Its Discord server has 24/7 staff to answer
questions people might have and Yubo is holding informational events, including weekly Q&A live
streams with Yubo’s CEO, Sacha Lazimi, to help young people safely engage with these new types of

To learn more about the first NFT Randos collection, visit https://randos.yubo.live/.

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