Why Promotional Products Work Wonders For Marketing

Why Promotional Products Work Wonders For Marketing

In a market where people are bombarded with more information than ever before, all while attention spans continue to decline, the challenge for marketers has never been greater. Making a lasting impression and staying top of mind are absolutely key, argues Matt Cave, CEO of promotional products company, VAVAVOOM.

With countless marketing channels available to us to reach and connect with customers, sometimes we can forget one of the most straightforward and effective tools: promotional products.

Promotional products are a fixture of Australian marketing. Some of Australia’s largest companies are investing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a year on promotional products to support their marketing and branding goals. Branded promotional products are a common feature at corporate events, or as part of incentive or corporate gift programs.

Marketers are always on the hunt for opportunities to entice, excite and engage customers. Promotional products offer these opportunities and yet are often overshadowed by newer and over-hyped options. Don’t be fooled by the noise.

Sometimes the traditional methods are still some of the best.

Promotional products increase brand interest in 69 per cent of people and create a good brand impression in 84 per cent of people. This outstrips the capabilities of print, TV and other advertising options.

So, what can promotional products contribute to your marketing plan?

Promotional products claim attention

A useful, nifty and innovative promotional product has a certain ‘wow factor’ which claims people’s attention and truly resonates.

Promotional products agencies are constantly sourcing the most innovative and unique products on the market. These products create a sense of wonder and novelty. Combine that with a product’s usefulness and you have a product people want to hold onto.

Promotional products drive engagement

Engagement is the holy grail for marketers. Any marketer worth their salt realises that engagement and interaction with a brand drives awareness and ultimately loyalty.

By nature, promotional products require engagement through use. The user is engaging with your brand as they simultaneously make use of the product. This creates connections with people and imprints your brand in their mind.

In recent research, respondents were asked to recall the product, advertiser and message of a promotional product they had received within the last two years. An impressive 76.2 per cent recalled all three pieces of information.

Promotional products have longevity

The usefulness of promotional products, gives them longevity. Promotional products are unrivalled in their ability to create opportunities for ongoing exposure to your brand.

Research shows that 55 per cent of people tend to hang onto their promotional products for more than a year which creates countless opportunities for brand exposure.

Every time a promotional product is used another opportunity for brand exposure and engagement presents itself. By constantly being reminded of your brand through promotional products, people build a relationship with your brand, contributing to exponential brand growth.

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