Why PDF Catalogue Versions Are Outdated

Why PDF Catalogue Versions Are Outdated

Mobile app development company Oomph has created a way for advertisers to convert their cataglogues into full, digital versions that are optimised for mobile and tablet screens, called Adomatic.

Adomatic helps remove the need for advertisers to produce and offer outdated, static PDF versions of catalogs that are mostly found online today.

Oomph CEO Keith Ahern said, “The new offering is re-imagining catalogs in the digital world as they are truly native digital formats. This is a win-win for retailers and consumers, offering more engaging, more effective product offerings in the digital environment.

“Adomatic Catalogs are an easy and affordable way for retailers to take their print catalog and convert them into digital content for delivery via App or website. We are re-inventing catalogs for mobile and tablet, giving consumers an easy way to access product information when they want it, how they want it, and including an easy tap-to-purchase mechanism that massively reduces friction in the sales process.

“Adomatic Catalogs enable retailers to deepen their engagement with shoppers through video and ‘buy now’ links, taking them through product offerings and increasing their propensity to purchase. The PDF catalog is no longer needed.”

How it works:

Catalogs or multi-page ads can be served into an App or website, allowing the user to swipe through multiple pages. In the app, the catalog can be accessed from the navigation menu or as a user swipes through the app content. On a website, the catalog can be accessed from anywhere via a link.


  • Publish to any App or website
  • Publish to iOs or Android
  • Embedded videos and “buy‑now” links
  • Optimized for mobile and tablet

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