Wearable Breast Pump Debuted At London Fashion Week With Hilarious Ad

Wearable Breast Pump Debuted At London Fashion Week With Hilarious Ad

The world’s first cordless, wearable breast pump has launched at London Fashion Week show, with a high profile model donning the pump on the catwalk.

‘The Elvie Breast Pump’ was debuted by model Valeria Garcia who wore the product while walking the Marta Jakubowski show, causing quite a stir in the audience.

Though, it’s the ad for Elvie which has really got people talking.

Featuring eight women dressed cowboy clothing, surrounded by cows and doing coordinated dancing, it’s not hard to see why the spot is receiving so much attention.

Check it out here:

As per the Elvie website, the product’s mission is to “Our mission is to improve women’s lives through smarter technology.”

The site says: “Here’s the thing. Women shouldn’t have to make do with shoddy design or pink spin-offs when there are self-driving cars in the world.

We approach problems as women and solve them as engineers, scientists and designers, starting with a real need and innovating around it.

We create new products, new solutions and a fair few conversations while we’re at it. We don’t do controversy for controversy’s sake, but we’re committed to talking candidly about women’s bodies in order to give them the products they deserve.

Armed with genuine female insight and world-class design expertise, we’re working to transform the way women think and feel about themselves.

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