Verizon Media Launches ConnectID As A Cookie-Less Solution

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Verizon Media has announced the launch of its new unified identity solution, Verizon Media ConnectID.

Built on the foundation of Verizon Media’s consumer-first values and market-leading advertising technologies, the new unified ID solution is designed to support advertisers, publishers and consumers as the digital landscape evolves away from cookies as a way to manage and reach audiences online.

The end of third-party cookies and other trac king mechanisms is leading marketers and publishers to find alternative, privacy-centric identity solutions to maintain addressability for relevant advertising and monetisation. Enter Verizon Media ConnectID.

The new unified ID helps advertisers buy, measure and optimise ads while enabling publishers to manage, monetise and navigate audiences–all without third-party cookies by leveraging Verizon Media’s strength in:
● Direct consumer relationships: A strong and loyal user-base of roughly 900 million globally through Verizon Media’s 30+ owned and operated consumer brands including Yahoo (content, search and mail), AOL and TechCrunch. According to Nielsen, the Verizon Media network reaches almost half of the Australian adult online population each month.
● Diverse ID graph: Differentiated and diverse data at scale with 200 billion data signals daily. Verizon Media’s Identity Graph is built on deterministic data from direct consumer relationships across a range of omnichannel, cross-screen touchpoints, like mobile app, search, owned and operated sites and apps, email and more.
● A Full-Stack : As an end-to end, full-stack technology partner with an award-winning DSP and SSP Verizon
Media can uniquely support advertisers and publishers in unlocking the full value of their content and marketing. A full-stack also allows for a single user match pool across demand and supply platforms for better transparency, transactions and audience insights, without any third-party integrations required to get started.
● Privacy: Rated #1 in trusted data protections by Advertiser Perceptions 5 . Data is hashed, opt-in and consent-based, enabling direct relevant advertising while maintaining a commitment to consumer choice and

“We are uniquely positioned to drive scaled, consumer-first identity solutions to help advertisers and publishers navigate the evolving digital landscape,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer, Verizon Media.

“Our trusted, premium global properties used by hundreds of millions of people, our identity graph built around billions of daily, consent-based data signals, and the only independent ad platform with a full-stack DSP and SSP to protect data integrity across demand and supply, all come together to solve this new landscape for our customers.”

Verizon Media ConnectID helps advertisers and publishers reach consumers wherever they spend their time — mobile, connected TV, digital audio, digital-out-of-home, and more, while respecting consumer choice and privacy. It helps marketers maximise the potential of their own first-party data for campaign optimisation and measurement, and enables publishers to leverage first-party audience data for better monetisation as part of the Verizon Media Ad Platform.

“In its current state, the internet is broken and it is a multi-billion dollar problem. It’s broken for brands who invest in digital ads but can’t identify their customers across devices, or which media placement is actually driving their online conversions. It’s broken for consumers who continue to receive the same ad, or the wrong ad over and over again, despite handing over their personal information or browsing behaviour. It breaks trust for the consumer who fails to see value for their data, and devalues the brands reputation and investment,” said Dan Richardson, Head of Data, Verizon Media ANZ.

“ConnectID is built on a direct, first-party relationship with brands and the consumer, and consists of two key solutions: enhanced attribution and enhanced matching. ‘These are designed to improve click and conversion attribution accuracy to reach more customers in the cookie-less world whilst improving the customer match rate across devices and browsers. Both solutions are set to make an immediate and material impact to the online customer experience and claw back some much-needed accountability for brands investing their digital dollars,” he added.

Today, Verizon Media is already helping its customers future-proof their businesses for tomorrow. Adoption of its unified identity solution has delivered a 33 per cent lift in performance for advertiser campaigns.

Verizon Media is taking an integrated three-pronged approach to building sustainable identity solutions for the future by:
(1) investing in persistent identity within its Ad Platform ecosystem,

(2) developing next-generation ID-less audience solutions

(3) and partnering across the industry with leading data providers like Acxiom, Equifax IXI, and Experian , while also working with IAB Tech Lab programs to develop industry-wide pro-privacy solutions for addressability with accountability. Verizon Media ConnectID delivers on the first part of this strategy.

IAB Tech Lab SVP, Head of Consumer Privacy, Identity and Data Jordan Mitchell said: “IAB Tech Lab is proud to have Verizon Media involved in the development of new privacy-preserving addressability standards and industry accountability programs through Project Rearc, and we look forward to their support of these standards and programs once they are released.”

Verizon Media ConnectID is available in Australia, New Zealand, the US, APAC and select LATAM markets at launch and rolling out to more markets in the future.


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