US Marketing Analytics Platform Origami Logic Comes Down Under

US Marketing Analytics Platform Origami Logic Comes Down Under

Australia’s booming media buying market faces a bit of a shake-up with thanks to a US company.

Developed in Silicon Valley, Origami Logic is an advanced marketing performance measurement platform that delivers real-time insights into what is working and what isn’t.

The platform is tailored to match a business’ unique characteristics, KPIs and measurement requirements.

Using artificial intelligence and automated processes to track and evaluate marketing performance, Origami aggregates and normalises all types of marketing performance data and generates actionable insights.

This approach eliminates the guesswork from the process, using real-time business data to allow marketers to refine their investment strategies and generate higher returns on marketing investment.

Origami Logic (Informatic Communications Investment)


Australian-based company Informatic Communication Investment (ICI) has signed exclusive rights with Origami Logic to bring the platform to Australia.

Vaughan O’Connor, director of ICI, said: “As an industry, we aren’t using information science and interpreting data quickly enough.

“We believe we have a real game-changer with Origami Logic, as it is more advanced than any other product currently available.

“It will bring complete transparency back into the client-agency relationship and, more importantly, give marketers the power of knowing what’s working the best in their marketing mix.”

ICI is currently working closely with Queensland’s Bond University to develop additional insights into how the data captured and harmonised with the Origami Logic technology can then be used for advanced predictive outcome ROI modelling for clients.

Using the work being undertaken with both Bond University and Origami Logic, ICI’s mission is to create a unique and tailored data-led marketing investment tool for the Australian market that makes using big data to drive competitive advantage a daily reality for marketers and not just data scientists and analysts.

Several Australian-based clients have already started onboarding the software, with the company currently investing heavily in establishing its staffing and services capabilities for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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