Unilever Denies Axe Ad Says “Suck My Balls” In Song Lyrics

Unilever Denies Axe Ad Says “Suck My Balls” In Song Lyrics

Male grooming brand Axe, owned by Unilever, has responded to recent criticism that its ‘You Gold’ ads feature a song with the lyrics “Suck My Balls”.

In an attempt to quash rumours, Axe tapped the producer of the song who worked on the ad, Diederik van Middelkoop, to release his own clip jokingly clarifying the lyrics.

Van Middelkoop is featured sitting next to a laptop which is playing one of the ‘You Gold’ ads, and proceeds to run through a list of different versions of the phrase “suck my balls”.

Watch the original ad here:

And give a listen to van Middelkoop’s clarification of the lyrics here:

The phrases range from “fluff my balls” to “punch my balls”, all of which van Middelkoop claims are not uttered in the song.

Though, the tongue-in-cheek clarification does little to prove the song is not saying “suck my balls,” considering that is exactly what the lyrics seem to be saying.

The ad was created by 72andSunny Amsterdam and was released in January over online and digital out-of-home.

Ever since the ad was released, the internet has spun into overdrive with social media users attempting to determine what the ad is actually saying.

B&T is still not convinced.

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