“Excuse Me, My Kids Are Here!”: TV Reporter’s Son Makes Hilarious Cameo On Live TV

“Excuse Me, My Kids Are Here!”: TV Reporter’s Son Makes Hilarious Cameo On Live TV

We all know taking your kids into work can be a great way to save a few bucks on childcare. But when you’re a news anchor on a major US network, there’s always a risk it could go spectacularly wrong.

And that’s exactly what happened to journalist Courtney Kube while presenting on MSNBC in the States overnight.

Kube was reporting on the Turkish airstrikes in Northern Syria, when the story took suddenly took an unexpected, albeit adorable, turn.

Kube’s four-year-old son somehow made his way onto stage and started reaching for his mother.

“Excuse me, my kids are here,” Kube said while trying to continue on her duties. “Live television!”

The producers mercifully rolled a graphic of the strikes shortly after the intruder entered the shot, giving Kube and her team the chance to return to normal broadcasting.

All in all, it must be said Kube handled the hiccup pretty well.

She seemed to deliberately drop an item onto the floor as her son was approaching, in a bid to distract him, although her plan didn’t appear to be too successful.

Social media was quick to shower the journalist with praise for her efforts.

“I love everything about this (well, except the news being reported),” said one Twitter user.

“MSNBC, thank you for highlighting this sweet moment and supporting your working moms,” said another.


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