Trojan Condom Advert Spoofs US Presidential Elections

Trojan Condom Advert Spoofs US Presidential Elections

Condom company Trojan has jumped on the Super Tuesday buzz of the US Presidential elections with its latest ad “Can’t hide that election”.

The Trojan ad features heaps sexual innuendo as five condom ‘candidates’ debate who is the most suited to the job. The ad includes a scroll bar which includes such quotes as “female voters are something I can get behind”, “this is much harder than it looks”, “I prefer a tight race” and “I got the shaft in Iowa”.

The ad is coming out during Super Tuesday- the biggest day of Presidential electoral cycle where 13 states in America hold their primaries/caucuses to choose the Presidential delegates for the Democratic and Republican Party.

The Trojan pitch: “With debates coming to a climax, candidates going head to head, insiders and outsiders getting in on the action and pundits coming … to conclusions … we wanted to share the latest video from the makers of Trojan brand condoms: Can’t Hide That Election!”

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