Triumph Collaborates With Erin Holland For New Campaign Via Yahoo7’s Storytellers

Triumph Collaborates With Erin Holland For New Campaign Via Yahoo7’s Storytellers

OMD Brisbane has partnered with Yahoo7’s Storytellers to launch a Spring Racing campaign for Triumph, curated by former Australian Miss World, celebrity and media darling Erin Holland.

Traditionally skewing to an older audience, the lingerie giant aims to expand its customer base to include a younger demographic with the campaign, titled ‘Find the One for Every You’.

Storytellers, Yahoo7’s end-to-end content marketing solution, coupled the profile of Holland alongside its data and insights to target style driven women aged 25 to 34.

Holland was charged with creating a bespoke content series aligned to the Spring Racing season and Triumph’s offering for Yahoo7’s lifestyle and entertainment destination, Be.

Including ‘listicles’ and ‘top tips’ penned by the celeb, the content will be amplified through Yahoo7’s native advertising marketplace, Gemini and shared on Holland’s personal channels.

In addition, the integrated marketing campaign also features social and creative digital ads.

Alana Jones, brand marketing manager at Triumph, said: “Working with Erin Holland and Yahoo7 has enabled us to create an engaging and relevant Spring Racing campaign, harnessing the influence and relevance that Erin brings.

“Leveraging the global spring/summer 2017 brand campaign ‘Find the One for Every You’, we show how our brand and product can support women and all their needs.

“By partnering with Yahoo7’s Storytellers, we are able to seamlessly target and reach the right audience for our brand, expanding our consumer base to include Aussie women of all ages.”

Anny Havercroft, head of brand at Yahoo7, said: “We are delighted to bring together one of the world’s leading lingerie and underwear brands, Triumph, with one of Australia’s most prominent media personalities, in their first Storytellers campaign.

“Leveraging the power of the Yahoo7’s unique ‘datasphere’, we created custom Spring Racing and fashion segments for Triumph to deliver guaranteed engagement results that drive brand metrics across the entire campaign.”

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