The Top 10 Brands On Twitter In September

The Top 10 Brands On Twitter In September

It was another big month on Twitter for brands in September, with some exciting announcements coming from some in the lead up to the silly season.

Apple launched its new iPhone, Bethesda announced the release of popular new games and Coke showed its support for the #VoteYes campaign.

Here are the brands that had Twitter users talking last month:

  1. @Apple

In September, Apple announced its new iPhone X, and to that we say, “Hi future, pleasure to make your acquaintance”.

  1. @bethesda

The more the merrier! Gaming giant Bethesda announced its release of popular shooter games DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 to the Nintendo Switch platform.

  1. @KFCAustralia

KFC Australia, please! Finding romance is hard enough without you distracting us with your funny jokes and delicious chicken nuggets.

  1. @CocaColaAU

We all want two things in life: an ice cold Coke and to be with the person that we love. Coke highlights these #lifegoals with its Kings Cross billboard.

  1. @ParamountAU

If the engagement with this tweet is anything to go by, then a large number of Aussie Twitter users are the kind of people that run head long into a dark basement searching for a demonic presence, rather than legging it like a normal person.

  1. @ANZ_AU

ANZ is showing its hand when it comes to the #VoteYes campaign.

  1. @beyondblue

Beyondblue took the time on World Suicide Prevention Day to remind us that sometimes all anyone wants is to be listened to.

  1. @FlyAirNZ

Air New Zealand targets the ‘Trekky’ market with this nice little tweet.

  1. @Melbourne

Melbourne took the opportunity to highlight a brief window of good weather.

  1. @Queensland

Okay, this is the most adorable thing you’ll see all day. We’ve just booked our tickets to Queensland.

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