Tim Dormer Perfect Fit For Hero Condoms

Tim Dormer Perfect Fit For Hero Condoms

Former Big Brother winner and current contestant on Celebrity Apprentice Tim Dormer has put his charitable hat on and helped out condom company Hero Condoms.

Dormer travelled to Botswana in Africa this year to help donate 500,000 condoms to the country with Hero Condoms, a brand that pledges to donate one condom to a developing country to each one sold.

When shopping for condoms one day, Dormer found Hero Condoms and loved the cause.

“I thought it was a pretty great idea that by purchasing a Hero condom to use for a pretty self-fulfilling purpose (have sex), I could be a part of something self-less and help out with a really positive cause!” Dormer wrote in his blog.

A few weeks later he met some of the Hero Condom team and ended up heading to Botswana.

“It was really special to think that each Hero Condom that I handed out on this trip represented one purchased by someone back home who was helping out to be a part of the solution to the AIDS epidemic in Botswana.,” continued Dormer.

“Even though it seems a world away, through a simple act of making a conscious choice about which condom brand you purchase, you have the opportunity to make a difference!”

Dormer joined the ever-growing initiative of the Hero Intern where each year an intern travels with the company to Botswana.

“It can be anyone,” said David Wommelsdorff, chief marketing officer at Hero Condoms. “It doesn’t have to be a celebrity.”

Even with a small team of less than ten Wommelsdorff is thrilled at the progress of the brand.

Last year the condom company donated 75,000 condoms. And this year it’s half a million.

Wommelsdorff puts part of it down to the fact major supermarket chains Woolworths and Coles agreed to stock the condoms.

For the time being the company will continue donating to Botswana, with hopes to branch out to other countries in the near future.

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