There’s Full-Frontal Fanny In This Live Broadcast Gone Wrong

There’s Full-Frontal Fanny In This Live Broadcast Gone Wrong

When dealing with live-TV there’s arguably many things that can cause a whoopsie. A New Zealand current affairs program, Story, learned this the hard way when it crossed to live to a nude café for a program report and a naked waitress walked right in front of the camera.

The 7pm report crossed over from the TV studios to the naked coffee spot in Hamilton. One of the team’s reporters was starkers testing it out, waiting to give his verdict in the live crossing.

“This can go so wrong, in so many different ways,” said co-host Kim Vinnell.

“They can, but hopefully it doesn’t,” added other co-host Duncan Garner.

But it did.

With a bunch of nude people wandering around, sipping lattes and chatting, there’s an abundance of flesh on display. And while Fairfax Media has the video and has censored the rudey bits, it looks like both male and female genitalia would have been easily seen.

Garner was left open-mouthed at what he’d just witnessed when the report cut back.

The show later apologised on air if anyone had seen anything they didn’t want to, and reiterated this on its Facebook page.

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We’ve seen a share of live broadcasts go tits up in recent times. There was that time a woman’s breasts bounced right out her shirt and when another sported rather tight pants.

And if you want a bit of time out from your work, but still look like you’re actually doing something, check out these six cringe-worthy live TV blunders.

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