Stuck In A Mid-Year Slump? Try These Three Creative Business Trends

Stuck In A Mid-Year Slump? Try These Three Creative Business Trends

In this guest post, Adobe’s senior director, digital media marketing APAC, Janie Lim (lead photo), offers tip on how businesses can leverage the power of the creator economy to build opportunities for themselves…

Stagnancy may provide consistent comfort but, taking fearless and bold leaps to elevate a business can spark creativity and innovative thinking. It’s easy for brands to get stuck doing the same thing repeatedly. With technological advancements and new ways of working, embracing change has never been more crucial.

The visually enticing creative design has the tremendous power to shift our moods and understanding. As content consumption increases, ensuring that a business stands out is key to attracting an audience and keeping them coming back for more.

Dare to innovate – Technology advancements

Being interactive is paramount to engaging an audience and keeping them invested in activities. The mixture of creative aspects with high-tech elements has taken interactivity to the next level, deepening the connection between real life and the digital world.

As brands leap into the metaverse, businesses can build digital experiences and transfer them to our everyday functioning. The use of QR codes escalated in recent years, however, its role is more versatile than a check-in to event spaces. QR codes can be used for scavenger hunts, information requests, or ordering food. The correlation between tech and creativity has strengthened, and the digital influence has catapulted exploration and curiosity. Creativity will find its place, but there needs to be strong technology to back the insights. Taking a business beyond the screen and leading an audience can help to strengthen a brand’s presence. Challenge consumers with video, create a QR code hunt or make interactive PDFs with InDesign. The idea is to experiment with creative strategies and taking them beyond the digital world will enhance the connection and maximise influence.

Look forward by heading back

Digital advancements have been welcomed but there’s no denying the affinity with the past. Although we have the advanced technological features of today, there is still a deep appreciation for the groundbreaking efforts of the past that spurred the introduction of digital adoption.

Combining the knowledge of the past with curiosity about the future has created limitless possibilities of what we can do. Long gone are the days of clunky equipment and multiple cables; people don’t even need a polaroid to get the effect of one. Nowadays, there are numerous ways to create images reminiscent of the past. Applications such as Adobe Lightroom can allow a user to edit and apply filters to photos to match the moment or transport back through time.

The sentiments of the past, sprinkled with the fascination of the future create engaging content that drives nostalgic values as well as the curiosity about what’s next. The postmodern effect has birthed remixes of the past into something unique, hence why brands are exploring 2000s fashion aesthetics, 80s style Levi’s jeans inspired by Stranger Things, and phone cases that look like cassette players. Mixing memories and new ideas can provoke thought and drive engagement. Businesses that harness the throwback and spin nostalgia with something futuristic will have a head start on engagement by attracting old fans while simultaneously gaining new ones

Fearless expression (storytelling with a difference)

There are limitless ways to communicate purpose and action within the digital age. Exploring various ways of expression can fuel creativity by challenging one another to think beyond traditional practices. The introduction of new ways of working, including hybrid, has forced us to brainstorm to engage others effectively. Not only did this welcome greater collaboration through technology, but businesses were also beginning to drive their creativity.

Instead of taking notes and creating plain presentations, businesses can use scrapbooking, image collections, video reels, and other visual aspects to provoke new ways of communicating ideas.  Adobe Express,

Bold innovation and experimentation can empower interaction with an audience, transferring from passive follower to active participant. Brainstorming various ways of expression can fuel creativity by emphasising creative practices. Relying on sentimental values with a modern spin can entice a wide audience by tapping into familiarity while creating a unique spin.

These trends will help businesses to stand out from the crowd and spur engagement with your consumers. Enhancing active participation and keeping your audience hooked for more.

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