Stephen Fry Gets Cartoonised For Missing Kids In New British Campaign

Stephen Fry Gets Cartoonised For Missing Kids In New British Campaign

Media personality and comedian Stephen Fry has donned his comic book self as he becomes the face of a new campaign from Missing People UK.

The national two week campaign urges Brits to sign up for Child Rescue Alerts for free which alert users when a child has gone missing.

The campaign latches onto digital out-of-home (DOOH) with The Drum in the UK saying the programmatic abilities of DOOH helped bring it to life. And the campaign is hoping to reach around 60 million impressions, with pro bono support from crime network Crime & Investigation and outdoor ad serving platform OpenLoop.

Relish in what Stephen Fry would look like if he was a comic book character.

Of the campaign, Fry said in a statement: “I am delighted to be the animated face of this campaign. I believe that Child Rescue Alert should be a national institution – something for everyone to find out about and sign up to.

“It reminds me of a fire extinguisher – everyone should have one ready to use at a moment’s notice but we all hope that we will never need it.”

Jo Youle, chief executive of the charity Missing People said: “Time and again at the charity we see communities rally together when a local child goes missing. We are asking everyone to join us so that we can all be ready to help search. Child Rescue Alert is thankfully not issued often – it’s for the most vulnerable of children going missing. Please be a hero and register.”

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