Star Wars Helmet Translates Words Into ‘Droidspeak’

Star Wars Helmet Translates Words Into ‘Droidspeak’

Have you ever thought “My life is so complete but gosh I wish I could speak like R2D2”? Well your fantasy might become a reality; Canadian electronics designer AE Innovations have released footage of a helmet that makes it sound like you’re talking in “droidspeak”.

AE Innovations started the campaign on Hackster, a crowdfunded site dedicated to learning about technology and hardware. According to the site, with the Star Wars Droid Translator Helmets, you can:

  • Look like a Droid!
  • Sound like a Droid when you talk!
  • Talk with and understand other Droids (wearing other helmets)!

The helmets don’t actually translate Droid language (because that would be ridiculous); Instead the helmets have a throat microphone which detects when you’re speaking and prompts the device to emit a series of beeps and clicks like Star Wars droids.

The helmets transmits your actual voice to the other helmet(s), so it looks like you’re having a conversation. The helmets use wi-fi to coordinate with each other (communicating status to each other, establishing transmission right-of-way, and so on.)

The campaign has two days till it finishes, check it out here. 


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